Coupon for opening an American Virtual Bank account

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Opening a virtual bank account

When purchasing this coupon, we will direct you to a person who will give you a discount on opening an American bank account

What is a virtual bank? A bank that does not have physical branches or whose number of physical branches is few, but allows the receipt and withdrawal of funds.

Your management company will be able to transfer the rental payments to him, and you will be able to withdraw the rental payments to an Israeli bank.

(The Bank will not be suitable for loans such as mortgages)

Your price as members of real estate club of real estate and to the point will be 100 dollars only

There is no need to pay any external vendor. That's the full price.

The main points of the proposed service are:
  1. Open an American account to receive funds without management fees
  2. Withdrawing money from the American account to the Israeli account at a reduced total cost per transfer and conversion to shekels at the amount of 1.8% (instead of a regular bank transfer in which the cost will move around the 3%).
  3. Receipt of funds to the American account without landing fees
  4. 25 $ Gift of registration

Once you register, the bank will open a virtual bank account for you in the United States, and if you send a credit card application, you can use it like any other credit card you know.

Advantages of Virtual Bank

In addition to receiving payments from the management companies, if you are a freelancer who provides services around the world or you have a store in Amazon or in any other commercial arena, the bank allows you to transfer and withdraw money online quickly and most importantly at very low commissions. Anyone with the bank's credit card can pay through the various stores or withdraw funds from their bank account in the local currency of the area where the transaction is made without paying excessive and excessive conversion fees.

Terms of use of the credit card of the virtual bank

Basically, there are two main conditions for receiving and using the card: In order to issue a credit card you will need to be over the age of 18, and in order to use it you will need to charge money.

Withdrawals and transfer of funds to the bank account

The fee you pay for receiving payments in USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, AUD etc. is 1%, which is considered very low compared to the competitors who charge higher fees. In addition, there is no need to convert foreign currency into shekels and you can withdraw money from any foreign exchange machine at a cost of $ 3.15.

Another great benefit we found was that the transfer of funds from the various bank accounts was free, and a payment to your bank account from a credit card (in all currencies) would pay a commission of 3%.

If you wish to withdraw money from your bank account to the Israeli or American bank account, you will pay a small enough withdrawal fee of up to 2% of the amount you wish to transfer if your bank account is in another foreign currency from your virtual bank account. If your bank account is in the same currency as your virtual bank account, you will pay a withdrawal fee of 1.5 $ if the bank account is in the United States, 1.5 € to Europe and £ 1.5 to the UK.

The price includes full accompaniment to opening the account!

We also take care of you after the purchase - if for any reason we were unable to provide the service to your satisfaction, your money will be returned

The discount is given only to members of the real estate club who purchased the coupon through the club and passed a unique code to the supplier - the supplier will make sure that the code is in his code list before the discount is given.

What the service includes:

Opening a US virtual bank account without the need to reach the United States.

Questions and Answers

  1. You can deposit checks into this account? - Currently, no funds will be accepted into this account via ACH transfer. Soon clearing services will be opened so that account holders can send a payment request and can pay them by credit card / ECheck
  2. If possible, how soon do they become available for withdrawal? - Check accounts can not be deposited at this time
  3. How long is the account open? - 48 hours
  4. Do you get an account and a roving like an American account? - Yes
  5. Do you need an American address? - No
  6. Are there any limits to termites? (For the transfer of funds to receive funds to hold money in the account for the use of credit card) in principle there are no Limits except fraud controls (unusual use of credit card can be interpreted as stealing the card - which will lead to blocking it until clarification with the account holder)
  7. Who is the regulator who supervises this bank? - The company is supervised by all regulators of Europe, the UK, the US, China, Israel, Japan, India, Australia and many other countries in which it operates.
  8. Can I withdraw money at an ATM? And if so, what is the limit? - Restrictions on ATM withdrawals may come from the credit issuer (Mastercard or the company itself or from the ATM itself). Therefore, there is no uniform amount to limit but usually a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month should not be
  9. Does this provide a solution for the transfer of funds to the United States, that is, if I can transfer to the shekel account to convert them into dollars and pay them for the purchase of property or payment to suppliers / service providers? At the moment, the account only responds to receiving funds from the management company. You can accumulate your funds there and then pay suppliers with a credit card issued to you. With regard to payment for the purchase of property, it will probably be soon and there is a good chance that this option will be opened later

For the discount please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Feel free to fill out the form to receive the discount and ask questions

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