Coupon for opening a bank account at Bank of America

$750.00 $50.00


Opening a bank account at the Bank of America

By downloading this coupon, we will open a bank account for you at Bank of America without the need for a flight to the US at a discount

Your price as members of the Real Estate Club and for that matter will be only 450 dollars instead of 750 dollars

We also take care of you after the purchase - if for any reason we were unable to provide the service to your satisfaction, your money will be returned

The discount is only given to members of the real estate club who purchased the coupon through the club.

What the service includes:

Opening a bank account in the Bank of America without having to arrive in the United States.

The documents you need to transfer:

Opening a bank account for an American company LLC :

1. Company paper, OA and EIN management agreement - if you do not have, you are welcome to purchase Open Pack Company LLC website

2. Photocopy of passport and driver's license of the owner of the registered company or authorized signatory in the account

3. Fill out the form that will be sent to you by the supplier in Word, not in handwriting and signed in the appropriate place
Business account - screenshot of a form you will receive:

4. On the form, fill in an American mobile number - if the customer can not download an app called TEXTNOW and download an American mobile number

5. The Bank needs 2 addresses in the US (must be filled in form):
A. Mail address and debit card Real address. You must not use a virtual address, USP, USPS, mailbox of any kind. If the address is not physical, the bank will not approve the opening.
B. Address - can be any address, the customer, investment property, property going to buy, the broker, the property of the seller and so on.

If you do not have these addresses, we will be able to work with an attorney who will provide the service without an address, but the risk of opening such an account is greater and you may need to consider that the account may be closed in the future.
If you can arrange this address a big advantage. The lawyer can help you with this after paying the coupon.
Remember that in any case the forum is behind your purchase, and if you fail to open your money account will be refunded or we will forward you to an alternative provider who will try to provide you with the service.

Open a private bank account :

For a private account, you need a passport, driver's license and fill in the form sent to you by the supplier - here too addresses are required.

Private account - screenshot of the form you will receive:

*** If the client has an account with Bank of America or is a Kouchner casualty, proof must be given that the previous account has been closed if there is no concern that the bank will consider another opening attempt Fraud and block the customer immediately!
The forum's responsibility is until the account is opened.

Account opening time between 7-14 business days (no commitment on opening time)

If the account is not opened for any reason the payment is fully refunded.

Because the bank does not allow multiple accounts to be opened at the same time, it should be taken into account that the opening will not be from now to now and the account will be active within a few weeks.

With regard to speeding up process - It depends on availability at the same time. If an immediate opening is required, the attorney can charge an additional fee for the account to open within a period of up to one week.

The service includes the attorneys' fees.

For the discount please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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The subscription that will promote you in the real estate world!

What does Real Smart Subscription include?

Feel free to fill out the form to receive the discount and ask questions

When you purchase the service, you earn 100 Biber Quins, which you can use for future purchases on the site and raise your rank on the site to a huge degree and entrepreneur.



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