Flip and Maintenance Loan Adjustment Test - US Nonresident Financing - 7 Percentage Rate, 30 Year Amortization

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Checking out a loan for US nonresident financing - flip or long-term maintenance
Fixed interest rate of 7 percent, amortization of 30 year!

Hello friends,

Over the past few months we have been working hard for forum members who are also Real Estate Club Members (Free Join) And I'm pleased to announce that I have reached a settlement with Lander who is ready to finance flip and mortgage deals 46 countries for foreign residents, including the Israeli public.

Loan Terms:

1. The amount of the financing for the flip transactions will not be less than $ 100K for the purchase of the property.

2. The loan is for one year and with no penalty "Penalty Preference", so that the repayment can be paid in advance.

Prerequisites - Before receiving the loan the borrower should:

  1. Opening American Company - LLC
  2. Opening an American bank account

As is well known, interest for Hard Mani ranges in the range of between 10-12% annual + 2-3 points for setting up the loan facility.

The Lander is ready to fund between 80-90% of the total purchase and 100% for the renovation, but no more than 70% of the ARV total.

In addition, the company is ready to finance mortgages for 30 one year, at an annual rate of 7%, regardless of the interest rate prevailing in the economy.

For any question, we will always be at your disposal - in order to determine your eligibility for a loan, you must make an appointment for a paid consultation where we will discuss your chances of getting a loan:

Set a date for your comprehensive consultation session

Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting

To check for eligibility, you sign up forReal Estate and Interest Discounts Club (anyone not yet registered) - And the more subscribers we have, the greater our joint power to organize more deals and discounts from select vendors!


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