Comprehensive consultation time for real estate investment in the United States

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Coupon for a comprehensive consultation hour for your next real estate investment

Hello friends,

As part of the management of the forum and the community, we are able to speak with quite a few entrepreneurs and hear about the characteristics of the investment regions in the United States. In every interview and meeting with an entrepreneur, we learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the area in which he invests. As you know, every investor has a different investment criterion - some are looking for a high return and are willing to take risks, some prefer a lower yield but in a safe area that does not have a high risk of high volatility, some are looking for flip, some are looking for investment in multi- And some want to invest in syndication with others or investing with an entrepreneur who puts part of his own money in the transaction and accompanies the investment process from beginning to end and sometimes also willing to be a mentor who actively teaches the investor about any operation in the investment process so that the investors also receive educational value from the investment.

In addition, if you are looking for ways to study real estate in advance or to expand your knowledge, we can recommend different courses of study and explain the difference between them, and the wonderful part is that members of real estate club of real estate and the interest there are significant discounts for everything related to real estate " A discount on investment management fees with each of the entrepreneurs who work with us, discounted study programs in the framework of the forum, discounts on opening a bank account, opening a company, buying equipment for renovation, professionals such as lawyers, tax consultants in Israel and the USA, inspectors, .

We will be happy to advise you and build the full course for investment, all with symbolic advice.


We take care of you after the purchase - When purchasing a coupon on the site of real estate and to the point, we guarantee that you will receive the service offered * - We choose only reliable suppliers that we know personally and we know that they have satisfied customers.
If for any reason the supplier fails to provide the service to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded. It is also doubtful that he will consistently receive complaints about his work, that the authorized supplier will stop receiving referrals from the forum and therefore it is in the interest of providing you with the service to the best of his ability and satisfaction.

The discount is given only to members of the real estate club who purchased the coupon through the club and passed a unique code to the supplier - the supplier will make sure that the code is in his code list before the discount is given.

What the service includes:

  1. Explanation of the various investment options according to investor requirements
  2. Beyond the different countries and cities for investment and their characteristics
  3. Recommendation for different study tracks in real estate and the difference between these tracks
  4. Answering questions about the rebel suppliers of the site
  5. Beyond the possible discounts of site services
  6. Free forum for real estate experts where you can ask questions of real estate experts of the forum
  7. The call can be made by telephone or by video call

Set a date for your comprehensive consultation session

Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting

When you purchase the service, you earn 250 Biber Quins, which you can use for future purchases on the site and raise your rank on the site to a huge degree and entrepreneur.


  • The consultants are not qualified consultants and the information provided is limited and any use of this information is solely the responsibility of the investor
  • It is the responsibility of the forum to receive the service and not the quality of the service - for example we are not responsible if the property you received does not match your expectations, if the roof leaks, if the tenant is not nice, etc. We will do our utmost to intervene in your favor to make sure that you are satisfied but ultimately the responsibility is on you and the supplier and you must verify the quality of the property you are receiving and that it matches your expectations.


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