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20 Comprehensive Modules to Prepare You for Real Estate Quickly and Efficiently

The online and comprehensive real estate course on real estate in the USA was born from a collaboration between Lior Lustig, Yaniv Berliner and Or Kitchen. The course provides extensive, basic and advanced knowledge of the entire subject of real estate in the USA. The course is intended for anyone Who wants to enter the field and wants to avoid mistakes that will cost a lot of money and heartache. The course will put you straight into a high starting position when you are equipped with the knowledge required to get started. In addition, in this course you will be able to use light and yield to answer questions and overcome obstacles on the way to a destination - a property in the USA.

Course structure

  • Why invest in the US?
  • Setting goals
  • Investment strategies
  • US Real Estate History and the Great Depression in 2008
  • Price chart of selected places
  • Types of areas and division according to price / yields / population
  • What is important to know in each area
  • Investor psychology
  • Yield versus tenant quality
  • Types of properties
  • Cold Market / Hot Market
  • Region selection - parameters
  • Required information in an area investigation
  • Price Graph
  • Area selection according to strategy
  • Important sites
  • Sorting according to tenant protection laws
  • Sample investigation
  • Internet investigation
  • The people in the field
  • The use of Bigger Phukets
  • Where do trades come from
  • Curved houses
  • Tran Key Companies
  • Dive into an example area
  • Who are the crew
  • How to work with people in the US
  • Inspector
  • Teitel companies
  • Agents
  • How to find a suitable agent
  • Transcript
  • Work relationships and motivation
  • Flip agents
  • Demo talk
  • How does Wholesaler work
  • How to find them
  • Build a relationship
  • Important highlights
  • How they find deals
  • To be a wholesaler
  • How to work with Zillow
  • Important filters
  • Site Estimates
  • Comparison of homes sold
  • demonstration
  • Area levels
  • Important parameters of the property and the area
  • Comps
  • Highlights are very important when working with Comps
  • Full inquiry of sample address
  • Internet Inquiry
  • Transaction Checking Stages
  • Maximum bid for the property
  • Cold Market / Hot Market
  • Methods for finding homes below par
  • Web site integration
  • MLS
  • Off Market
  • The full status diagram for the purchase process
  • Types of reservations
  • Proper testing
  • Bids and counter suggestions
  • Insecurity
  • Buying a property with a tenant
  • Role of City Hall
  • Point tests
  • The actual negotiations
  • Complete Action Diagram
  • An important tip at the end
  • Where to find them
  • Managers
  • Questions to the contractor
  • Important highlights
  • Supervision Supervision Supervision
  • Important components in the renovation
  • What to watch out for
  • Dive into the various renovation elements
  • Types of flips
  • Examples
  • Select a region
  • Important tips
  • The full flip checklist
  • Pre-purchase testing
  • Flip yield calculator
  • Highlights for team building
  • Manage the renovation with an emphasis on Flip
  • Supervision and payment times
  • The risks in Flip
  • Exit options
  • Full table of risks and minimization of Brenthal and Flip
  • Risks in the multiplayer
  • Types of insurance
  • Highlights in insurance
  • Example of insurance
  • Types of employment contracts in the US
  • The roles of the management company
  • The complete checklist for working with the management company
  • Management diagram of the management company
  • Challenges in working with the management company
  • Phases of selling a property to Flip
  • Closing costs on Flip
  • Flip - Understanding buyer processes
  • Realtor strategies
  • Rental Property Sales Stages
  • Selling a property with a tenant
  • Caution - the municipality's role in the process
  • Sales management from the country
  • Examples of leverage
    Yield differences
  • Pros and cons of leverage
  • Financing options in Israel
  • US financing options

Steps to Finding a Tenant * Diving to the Tenant Filtering * Advanced Methods * Caution - Potential Tenant Impersonations

Our guides

Light Kitchen

Or is the founder of - US Real Estate Investing - BSmart.Invest - Be smart, invest.

During a seven-year career in high-tech, Orr discovered her vocation in real estate.

She learned in depth
Everything related to American real estate and diving into the Indianapolis market as early as 2015.

Or has made dozens of real estate transactions for investors who have purchased long-term investment properties and flip transactions through it.

Currently its activities include:
Group mentoring program within the framework Mentorminded Of the United States Real Estate Forum
Buying real estate assets for investors
Pix-and-Flip deals

Yaniv Berliner

Yaniv has been living and breathing real estate for the past fifteen years.
He got his start in Israel while buying properties, renovating and renting here in Israel.
During these years, with the help of leverage (cheap mortgages) and relatively cheap real estate prices, Yaniv progressed and reached a nice passive income. In the last five years, it was no longer possible to find good deals in Israel and Yaniv moved to the United States.
Yaniv studied in depth and experienced himself in real estate transactions, setting up an operation that is used by him and his investors in purchases, renovations and rentals.
Liniv currently has five properties in good rental areas and another fifty deals that have been made for investors.
In addition, Yaniv graduated from the Technion and holds a degree in software engineering.

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