Get out of the rat race through real estate investment in the United States? Now it's possible!
Creating Real Estate Income Without Equity Without Leaving Your Current Business

Using Project X's intro package!

What is the intro package?

Project X Intro - Intro Barrel Project X
Practical training package for entrepreneurship and real estate investment

For investors who want to learn how to invest
For entrepreneurs who want to learn to become real estate entrepreneurs
For real estate developers who want to invest overseas

The Intro package includes:

1 Professional Conference (worth NIS 197)

Friday, March 20 | 8-13 | Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv

Practical Workshop with Robert Shmin - Test Drive (worth NIS 2)

Sunday 22 September 16-22 - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 24 September 1622SOLD OUT

Tuesday, December 24, 16-22 - Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv - SOLD OUT

Wednesday, December 25, 12-18 - Herods Hotel, Tel Aviv - SOLD OUT

Tuesday, March 24, 12-18 - Herods Hotel, Tel Aviv

Wednesday, March 25, 16-22 - Herods Hotel, Tel Aviv

3. An internet course that will get you in the head of an entrepreneur (NIS 497 worth)

52 Robert Robert's HD lessons on real estate, entrepreneurship and business

Limited Time Offer - Free Entry Ticket for NIS 197!
+ Expanded intro package with unique forum gifts in 200 only!
Fill out the details on the application form - and we will notify you within 24 hours if you have won.

Project X Robert Shemin - The X Banner Project

Interested in the intro package? Limited Time Offer…

  1. Professional conference
  2. Practical Workshop
  3. Internet conference program
  4. Exclusive to forum members: Robert Shamin's bestseller - "Why is this idiot rich and not me?" - a gift book worth 75 shekels
  5. Subscribers to the program will receive a gift from us: Real Smart subscription for 12 months worth 1198 NIS

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For all the benefits at only NIS 200 !!!!

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Are you only interested in a free ticket for a NIS 197 conference?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and tell us why you deserve a free ticket to the conference, and we will hand out tickets to the most talented season :)

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And as mentioned, another treat for forum members only !!!

After attending the conference, if you sign up for the full Project X program after you receive a ticket from the forum -
You will also receive a free study subscription on our site -
Real Smart subscription for 12 months worth NIS 1198

Remember the unique code to enter on the purchase page for the discount: FORUMNADLAN

Let's learn how you can also generate real estate income
Without equity and without leaving your current occupation

All the techniques, strategies and modes of action
Who brought in Robert who sorted out duties
Do not exceed 1000 properties in 7 countries

Robert Shamin, International Real Estate Investment Mentor - Comes to Israel!

Best-selling author 'Why is this idiot rich and not me'
Arrives in Israel for a limited time.
During his stay in Robert, Robert will give audience members
Exclusive backstage access
Of the real estate investment world
And expose methods and methods to them
Of the most successful and largest investors
He came into contact with his daily work.

And Gift From Us: Free Real Smart Subscription for 12 Months!
Subscribe to the program through the real estate forum

Real Estate Club - Real Smart Subscription

What is a Real Smart Website subscription?

1. Real Estate Nadafia - a real estate encyclopedia with hundreds of values
2. Over 500 real estate files - Excel files, company opening files, presentations and more.
3. Online calculators to calculate yield, BRRR and more.
4. Dozens of study videos and access to interviews from a panel of real estate experts!
5. The investment arena that enables property advertising and automatically locates properties from around the Internet
6. All content is translated into more than 12 languages ​​- Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more.

For the discount coupon and exclusive benefits
And answer the questions and fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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