Mentormind - Eliran Zohar

Meet Eliran Zohar:

Eliran has over 10 years of experience in the real estate field, and manages dozens of properties through Airbnb for over 7 years.
He learned everything he knew about the platform through trial and error, until he became a Superhost.
Eliran leads the field of short-term rentals in Israel and has trained hundreds of hosts and property owners early on.
Eliran also created the first digital course of its kind in Israel, which teaches the working methods with Airbnb from A to Z, and in addition conducts frontal courses on short-term rentals.
In addition to his other activities, Eliran manages the largest Facebook group in Israel for Airbnb hosts and serves as a business consultant for projects in the field in Israel and the United States.
In the absence of official representation for Airbnb in Israel, Eliran usually represents the field in the leading media: Keshet 12, Reshet 13, Kan 11, The Marker, Ynet, Gali Tzahal and more.

Prominent Lessons - Basic Course

Meeting 1: Introducing Airbnb, Analyzing and Market Research - Estimating Profit Potential The first meeting will be about getting to know the platform and how to get started

  • An introduction to the biggest vacation rental platform, how it all started, numbers tell
  • How to do a proper market survey? What tools can and should be used? How much can you really make?
  • Preparing the property for short term rentals
Session 2: Build a Host Profile and Initial Settings for a Winning Property Page In this session we will officially start and learn how to open a sweet profile that will be the basis for success
  • Establish a profile from 0, fees, payments and more
  • Establish a property from 0, pictures, descriptions and definitions for building a magnet property
  • Everything you need to know for a winning start

Session 3: Pricing as an expert and log management expert
The meeting will deal with proper pricing and how to manage the order log

  • Pricing methods, how to compete correctly, work with Smart pricing
  • Run sophisticated promotions and campaigns to fill the calendar
  • Reference to various dates, strong and weak seasons, minute 90

Meeting 4 Cracking the Airbnb Algorithm: All the Secrets of the Greatest Hosts in the Meeting We'll Know the Secrets of the Platform and the Tricks to Help Us Stand Out

  • How a platform thinks and how it can be used to our advantage
  • How to make the platform "love" us and what it really is like to be a busy host
  • Tips, tricks and secrets on the way to being successful hosts

Advanced route:

Session 5: Host models, work models and how to make a profit without any assets at all
The meeting will be dedicated to different models of working with the platform

  • Host statuses: super host, line host, team
  • Employing, outsourcing, managing and selecting suppliers, logistics
  • Rent / sub-lease, owned property, property management

Session 6: All the Ways to Increase Revenue: Up-Sales, Working with Other Platforms in the Session We Will Increase Profitability and Fill the Calendar

  • Work with other platforms
  • Comparison of Airbnb and other platforms
  • Up-sales: "Collect money from the floor" through ancillary services

Session 7: Automation as a Tool to Maximize Success: Exploring Different Systems
In this session, we will introduce systems that will help us manage the logs and communication with guests properly

  • PMS and CM - The software that every host needs to know
  • Automated time-saving tools, resources and employees
  • Calendar synchronization, price comparison, Double booking prevention

Meeting 8: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routine to Maintain Success + Iron Rules for the Winning Host The last session will be dedicated to the host's work routine

  • The regular tasks of a professional host on a daily, weekly and monthly level
  • Proper planning as a tool for making realistic forecasts and increasing the amount of assets
  • And for dessert: Golden rules written in blood, Do's & Don't for the winning host

Questions and Answers on the Mentormind Program

We have collected common questions for you

  1. General introduction to real estate investing in the US and details of the investment process
  2. Understanding ownership and holding structures - Company or direct ownership
  3. Understand the different types of insurance and which to use
  4. Creating a business plan for a renting deal
  1. Sources of business operations
  2. Objective and personal parameters to maximize success
  3. Common mistakes and what should and should be careful about
  4. Tips for maximizing success in selling the property and other general tips

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Introduction meeting - meeting free With the lecturer in it the lecturer Will introduce himself, The plan The base And the plan Advanced

Base meeting - Meeting from the series of mentor base sessions

Advanced meeting - Meeting from the Mentor Advanced Meetings series

Monthly mentoring session - Meeting of the regular monthly mentoring series to register and join the advanced track alumni

The program is divided into 4 base sessions, 4 advanced sessions, and a monthly escort with the mentor indefinitely until you reach the goal you set for yourself.

Each mentor has built a unique program for the first 8 sessions - 4 base sessions + 4 advanced sessions.

The background of each mentor and the program he built is posted here:

  • On the forum site under the meeting schedule
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Answering questions is part of everyone's learning process so all your questions should be asked only during the meetings or the dedicated forum mentor site and not privately

In the support forum you can answer the program itself, questions about your tasks and also your investments and purchasing of assets that are part of your goal in joining the program

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You can also ask questions in the support forum on the site

To make the Mentormind program accessible to as many participants as possible in terms of costs and mentor resources - the program allows two types of participants:


Gives membership to the full mentoring track

Extreme Mentoring track

Students in the cycle: 5 only

Camera sharing: Yes

Off Microphone: No

Sharing the participant's files during the mentoring process: Yes

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading trainee files during the mentoring process: Yes

Receiving files from the facilitator such as lecture files, excels, etc.: Yes

Sending questions while mentoring everyone: Yes

Who can see the questions asked: Everyone

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: Yes

Chat access while mentoring: Yes

Access to screen painting: Yes

Personal Progress Tracking: Yes

Personal Mentoring: Yes

Assignment tracking: Yes

Escort Transactions: Yes

Getting the Full Bonus Package: Yes

Access to the record store for all mentors: Yes

Watching the recording of the mentoring: Yes

Access to Website Transaction Site: Yes

Full access to real estate expert panel interviews: Yes

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: Yes

Access the site's real estate database: Yes

Full access to real estate: Yes

Access to Online Calculators: Yes (currently under development)

Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: Yes

Option to join the semi-annual tour with the Mentor: Yes

Free weekly consultation with the forum: Yes

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup Forum Purchase Process: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic route: Yes

Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes

Cost: The regular price of the program - a coupon can be used but no multiple discounts


Membership in the track as an active viewer

Light Mentoring track

Participants are not active partners in the mentoring process - they are the audience

Their microphone is off

They can watch the process and send messages and questions with the approval of the mentor

Imagine a moderator addressing the audience with questions - but most of the time the audience watches the show, makes notes and asks while they are a moderator - the mentor decides when it is time to respond to questions from the audience

Students in the cycle: 20 only

Camera Sharing: No (Mentor can give permission if needed)

Off Microphone: Yes by default (Mentor can give privileges if needed)

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading viewer files during the mentoring process: No.

Sending questions while mentoring to the mentor or trainees: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

Who can see the questions asked: only the mentor

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: No.

Access to chat while mentoring: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

Access to screen painting: No

Personal Progress Tracking: No.

Personal Mentoring: No.

Assignment Tracking: No.

Escort Transactions: No

Getting the Full Bonus Package: No.

Access to the record store of all mentors: no

Watching the recording of the mentoring: No.

Access to the site of the transaction: No

Full access to real estate expert panel interviews: no

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: no

Access the site's real estate database: no

Full Access to Real Estate: No

Online Account Access: No

Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: no

Possibility to join the semi-annual tour with the mentor: with the approval of the mentor

Free weekly consultation with the forum: no

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup Forum Purchase Process: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic track: Yes - according to the mentor's opinion

Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes - according to the mentor's opinion

Cost: Half price - there are multiple discounts! - You can use a discount coupon if you have one, and get an additional 50 percent off the Light Track! As it was said - real estate for everyone!

The upcoming meeting schedule with Eliran Zohar

Introductory Meetings

Base meetings

Advanced meetings

Continuing Track - Monthly mentoring for advanced track graduates

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