Member of Real Smart Partner

Member of Real Smart Partner

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Membership in the Real Smart Partner Club Intended for entrepreneurs among you, and includes many advertising benefits for your company and your assets -

One-time set-up cost of all listed below: $ 3000, which goes to our graphic designers and programmers.

Then the monthly cost is $ 100, paid every 6 months.

Beyond the normal benefits to Real Club members, this subscription gives you the following benefits:

1. Access to the Real Estate Encyclopedia - Real Estate Repository, which is constantly updated with up-to-date information relevant to real estate investment practitioners in the United States

2. Access to translated information and reports, tools, and tables - to help you analyze your real estate transactions

3. Access to an exclusive forum of attractive and exclusive deals for Real Smart Club members

4. Free viewing of lectures by a panel of real estate experts

5. Free viewing of lectures at our real estate conferences

6. 80% discount on the majority of site coupons - Discounts on investment support fees, courses, opening a company, bank account, entrance tickets to meetup meetings, etc.

7. 30 percent discount on real estate university courses

Benefits for companies and advertisers -

8. Posting exclusive deals in the Real Smart Club membership forum (unlimited)

9. Publication of transactions in groups of different countries - These deals will also be posted on the Facebook forum Property Assets (Unlimited)

10. Post content and information directly to your site - These posts will be sent to registered site members in the newsletter (one post a month worth $ 50 per raider)

11. Publishing your real estate events - The events are published on the website, in the Facebook group and sent by email to the mailing list (one free event per week worth $ 50 per event)

12. Publish your company profile on the website (valid as long as membership is valid)

13. Publish your logo on the homepage as a business partner with a link to your company page

14. Free entrance ticket to the annual conference of the Real Estate Club + the option of your concise lecture at the conference that presents your work and your company

15. A coupon page on the site that offers forum members a discount on joining an investment with your company in your areas of activity - examples at the link

16. Company page Our membership page is custom designed with a stylish Platinum member banner - details at the link - The page will include information about you, examples of your transactions, marketing content about you and your work area, videos, your advertising video interview and full contact details including Live link To your site (assistant in website promotion - a live link to SEO!), A link to your Facebook page, phone, email, etc.
You will receive a free one year Platinum Company Page worth US $ 450
You will also receive the cost of creating the page for free - 3 working hours at a cost of $ 75 - the total value of the benefit is $ 225
This page will be valid as long as your membership is valid.
Significant advantage in creating a Platinum company page through a Real Smart Partner subscription - there is no commission fee for every $ 500 transaction as there is in purchasing a Platinum company page only!
Sample company page

17. Five free properties to advertise each month worth $ 50 per property - a total benefit value of $ 250 per month! Details at the link

18. 365 days a year of advertising banner that leads to your company page in a forum that alternately appears on all pages of the site!

19. Join our prestigious affiliate marketing club and earn money from advertising the club's products

20. A personal video interview and publicity that includes promoting your business that will be posted on a Facebook, YouTube channel, website and podcast + receive the video file for your use

21. Posting a post on the site + Sending your post to the mailing list of thousands of subscribers

22. Every month ! For 12 months, posting a main banner at the top of the Platinum member's Facebook forum for 24 hours with a link to the company page on the site for maximum exposure - for example:

Platinum Member - Avertice
Platinum Member - Avertice

Additional benefits will be added to this membership from time to time.




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