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Beyond the normal benefits to Real Club members, this membership gives you the following benefits:

1.Access to the Real Estate Encyclopedia - Real Estate Repository, which is constantly updated with up-to-date and relevant information for real estate investment practitioners in the United States

2. Access to information and reports, hundreds of files, tools and tables - to help you analyze your real estate transactions

3. Access to an exclusive forum of attractive and exclusive deals for Real Smart Club members

4. Free viewing of lectures by a panel of real estate experts

5. Free viewing of lectures at our real estate conferences

6. 50 Discount on most of the site coupons - Discounts on investment support fees, courses, starting a company, one-on-one consulting hours, bank account, entrance tickets to meetup meetings, etc.

7. 15 percent discount on Real Estate University courses

8. Join our prestigious affiliate marketing club and earn money from advertising the club's products

9. Free admission to all forum meetings and metups during the year for those who have had an active account for at least 60 days!

Additional benefits will be added to this membership from time to time.

The price for this membership is $ 7 per week.

Real Estate Club - Real Smart Subscription