December, 2019

01דצמבר09:2606(December 6)09:26Elhanan Magidovich - Entrepreneur of the Week - Elhanan Magidovich09: 26 - 09: 26 6 Real Estate Events:Initiated this week

Elhanan Magidovich


1 (First) 09: 26 - 6 (Fri) 09: 26

02דצמבר09:2609:26Annual Conference - Role Model Community - Real Estate on Three Continents09: 26 - 09: 26 Webinar:Workshop,CourseReal Estate Events:Real estate meetings in Israel and around the world

Annual Conference - Role Model Community

Event details

image.pngAnnual Conference - Role Model Community - Real Estate on Three Continents
02/12/2019 Time: 17: 30 Opens doors up to 22: 00 * Dining and drinking area for conference island.
Cold and hot drinks, vegetables, crunches, pastries and more.

[1] choose real estate as investors or entrepreneurs
• At what stage in life did each of the developers decide to engage in real estate?
• What are the first steps they took?
• What was the level of support from the surrounding area?
[2] Learn from failures and successes
• When did you experience the first failure, how did you deal with it and what did you learn from it?
• What do most entrepreneurs not tell investors in the meeting?
• When did they feel they were on the right path?
[3] Analyze a deal like experts
• What tools can you use to test a transaction over the Internet?
• What actions should be taken in telephone calls or in the field with the local authorities?
• Transaction analysis currently underway.


(Second) 09: 26 - 09: 26

08דצמבר(December 8)09:2613(December 13)09:26Meyrav Regev - Entrepreneur of the Week - Meirav Regev09: 26 - 09: 26 13 Real Estate Events:Initiated this week

Meirav Regev


8 (First) 09: 26 - 13 (Fri) 09: 26

15דצמבר(December 15)09:2620(December 20)09:26Dafna Sarel - Entrepreneur of the Week - Dafna Sarel09: 26 - 09: 26 20 Real Estate Events:Initiated this week

Dafna Sarel


15 (First) 09: 26 - 20 (Fri) 09: 26

22דצמבר(December 22)09:2627(December 27)09:26Alon Haim - Entrepreneur of the Week - Alon Haim09: 26 - 09: 26 27 Real Estate Events:Initiated this week

Alon Haim


22 (First) 09: 26 - 27 (Fri) 09: 26

29דצמבר(December 29)09:2603January(January 3)09:26Lior Pick - Entrepreneur of the Week - Lior Pick09: 26 - (January 3) 09: 26 Real Estate Events:Initiated this week

Lior Pick


December 29 (Sun) 09: 26 - January 3 (Fri) 09: 26

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