3g. Tools and techniques for searching an investment area

To find a suitable investment area for us we will use a number of important tools.
First of all, browse Google Maps. With Google Street View, areas such as capital cities and large cities are visible and recorded.
We'll look at where Israeli companies invest and analyze those areas ourselves.

Called economic sites and asked on Google
Worst / best cities to live in the US
Worst / best places to invest in the us
where to invest in the US
And other queries like these.
We then look at specific investment sites. The site list is summarized in the lesson and will be detailed in the following lessons.
The list of existing sites for investigation is very large, and anyone who decides to search Google will find more and more sites that can give him information. We will present the main sites for investigation.
We will examine whether the area we have chosen is appropriate in terms of tenant protection laws. The full map is attached to the lesson.
We'll look for basilos (or realtor's) sold homes and homes for sale in the area, so we know the price range.
In the next lesson, we will look at an area exploration area from start to finish.

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