The official real estate course of interest and interest

The official real estate course of interest and interest

Orr Kichin · March 18, 2020

Course introduction:
More and more real estate investors are realizing today that their best alternative to investing is overseas.
So why real estate in the US? Of all the alternatives available to us, US real estate has clear advantages such as transparency expressed in the ability to locate vital information easily, a clear procedure and the ability to get into things easily.
Or and Yaniv, have been investing in the US for the past five years. They own ten income-producing properties, a record of accompanying dozens of investors and flips they have performed. Or and Yaniv have studied the area, plowed, and mostly did.
In this course we will learn from our experience. Thessalonians. As honest and interesting as we did and from our experience.
In this introductory course we will explain and expand on all the topics and points that every real estate investor in the US must know and be aware of.
The main topics we will learn in the course are:
Investor profile - what each investor must know about himself and how to identify the various parameters in the nature of the investor,
Basic analysis of graphs and examples (forked),
How to analyze a region - What are the parameters for examining a region, how to find and analyze the information, information from the Internet and information from people in the field. We will see examples
Types of investment neighborhoods - the nature of the area, the impact on the return, the quality of the tenant, the investor's budget.
Transaction analysis - we will see from start to finish how to calculate return, how to calculate ARV range, examination of the condition of the physical property, consideration of the area, what is the amount of the offer that should be submitted. We will of course see examples, we will provide a checklist and reference materials.
Flip - what are the important things in making a flip, what to watch out for, what neighborhoods to work in, how to identify flip deals, what are the important items, staging, various expenses and more and more… We will provide a checklist and return calculator.
Financing - We will briefly see what financing can contribute to us. What are the disadvantages of financing and how the yield changes.
Taxation - We will host one of the leading accountants in the country to explain to us the investor's duties and rights.
Setting up an operation - how to set up a team, how to find realtors, an inspector, a title company, a general contractor, renovators, wholesalers and much more.
Holesailing - We will explain about holsailing and host one of the active Indiana wholesalers to tell us all the information from inside.
Bonuses: There are additional bonuses for registrants and special lectures. Details at the end of the course

The aim of the course is to give the novice investor all the tools and knowledge in one neat place. The course summarizes dozens of hours and comprehensive information in a series of lectures that can be seen at home, during short breaks and everywhere. The student receives reference material, calculators, checklists and everything needed to get started.
The course is intended for any serious investor who wants to make and move forward and will certainly give a serious boost and avoid valuable mistakes for the investor.
Of course, Or and Yaniv will guide, help and answer questions in dedicated forums exclusively for students.
If you have not yet registered, now is the time! You too can do real estate in the US!

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Orr Kichin

The Internet Real Estate Comprehensive Real Estate Course in the United States was born from a collaboration between Lior Lustig, Yaniv Berliner and Or Kitchin. The course provides extensive, basic and advanced knowledge of the entire subject of real estate in the United States. The course is for anyone who wants to get into the field and wants to avoid mistakes that will cost them a lot of money and anger. Yaniv and Or convey their extensive knowledge that they have accumulated over the past five years from making real estate transactions to them and investors. The course will get you straight to a high opening position when you are equipped with the knowledge needed to get started. In addition, in this course you can use Or Viniv to answer questions and overcome the obstacles on the way to the destination - a property in the USA.

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