Tal Levi · February 4, 2020

Mentormind - The United States Real Estate Forum's mentoring and mastermind program

Real Estate and Interest, the United States Real Estate Forum operator, has launched a new, revolutionary and most important real estate study program - fits any pocket - plan Mentorminded !

So what is that Mentorminded? The word Mentorminded Contains 2 words - Mentor and mastermind !

The study is conducted in small, intimate groups of 5 people online once a week, with the assistance of a highly experienced professional mentor who will accompany you from the beginning, even if you are completely inexperienced to the stage of finding and analyzing transactions and closing the deal - you will receive a comprehensive answer and help throughout the real deal cycle. ” You can take another step towards long-awaited economic freedom.

The meetings are meetings Masterminded - They meet where a unique group of friends are created who help each other through weekly brainstorming and mutual assistance.
The mastermind groups form strong friendships and partnerships that extend well beyond online meetings.

Program Benefits:

  • A mastermind online meeting in small groups with a mentor who is also a mentor and an investor escort!
  • Personal attitude, support and group counseling without a tag The high price! Definitely a revolution!
  • The sessions include a series of 4 base sessions + 4 advanced sessions.
  • You can register for each one individually, or pre-purchase the set of 8 sessions at a discounted price.
  • After completing the 8 sessions, you can sign up for a discounted price for a monthly online escort with your chosen mentor.
- MentorMind - MentorMind - Mentor Mind
- MentorMind - MentorMind - Mentor Mind

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