Episode 2 - Nir Sheinbin - Shein Development - Texas - Dallas Porat Worth

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Episode 2 - Nir Sheinbin - Shein Development - Texas - Dallas Porat Worth

In this video, we interviewed Nir Sheinbein about the stories behind his posts as part of the “Entrepreneur of the Week” program he participated in in the United States Real Estate Forum

In the video you can see -

  1. Introduction to Alex and Nir Sheinbin
    Their acquaintance with Kibbutz
    Find out that you earn 3000 dollars a month after a mortgage
    Love for dogs
    Talk about the previous jobs and what made them break out
    Start buying homes - telling about their learning process

    An overview of their market and their activities
  2. 4 Reasons Why Invest in Real Estate in the United States
    A. More investment options
    B. Returns are bigger
    third. Low entry minimum
    D. BRRRR - Home Rolling Strategy
  3. Extensively BRRRR
    The structure of the American system is based on continued growth of residential property
    Rolling houses
  4. How to Withhold a Tax Payment on a Home You Sell 1031 Exchange
    Replacement 1031
    What are the limitations?
  5. Long-term real estate investment - a marathon and not a sprint
    Where should we invest the money we have access to?
    Diversification of investments
    What do we want the money to do up to 2040?
    What elements are we looking for that will bring us growth in the region?
    Inflation Graph - Explanation
  6. 13 steps to find a rental property without leaving home
    Go through the steps and tell about each one
  7. Learn to lose before you learn to earn
    Talking about losses - the poker game - telling about the experience
    Who is Zeke Rewards - the famous Ponzi scam
    Acceptance of investment responsibility
    Key books are recommended
    Publication of telephone number and way of contacting Nir and Alexa and summary statements
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