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# Entrepreneur this week Elhanan Magidovich ** Post 3- ** This post is a long post, about my mother's deal ...

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# Initiated week Elhanan Magidovich ** Post 3-
** This post is a long post, about a real deal, and as strange as it is real. Any of you who will read to the end, will enjoy it.
The beginning, the ad that intrigued me-
While boredom at work on the computer, I decided to disconnect a little and entered one of the real estate boards on the Internet, I came across an ad about a property in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa area that I knew well about a property for the price of NIS 180,000.
I was sure this was a bug on the site, since I know the apartments there and the prices and for that year 2017 the prices of properties on this profile were in the range of NIS 380-450,000 depending on their condition.
I left the site, closed the page and re-entered, just to be sure it was not a bug, to my surprise the ad again existed at the same price. I had to check, so I decided to pick up a phone for the advertiser.
Phone call-
It was clear to me that I was going to talk to the advertisers, but I did not want to say the price, I had to hear from them objectively, about the apartment, the location and of course the price.
I called, from the other side of the line a female voice answered me, I introduced myself carefully while trying to disguise the fact that I was a skilled investor (this is usually evident in questions and style of speech) I tried to sound hesitant and uncertain, to mask it, I asked about the apartment details Make sure it was on the same street and other dry details, and then I told the lady that I was looking for an apartment in the area and I went through a lot of ads and that although she had listed her phone number, I forgot what price she was advertising.
She told me: 180,000 NIS.
Glad there is no polish here
I told her I wanted to come and see the property, but since I come from the south, would he like it if she liked the price and be flexible?
Between us I would also buy NIS 180,000 even NIS 280,000.
This question is critical for two main reasons:
  1. Instinct and enthusiasm would light a red light for her.
  2. The goal of "lowering the price" is to give her the feeling that Valak the price was not bonanza.
I set an hour with her for that day.
Canceling plans and disappointing my wife-
I was in trouble, the apartment is famous on the Internet, just missing that now the whole world and his wife start ringing, it is not good for me the seller may understand that if there is a demand maybe the price is wrong.
I convinced my wife that I had to… .But I had to go to Haifa, all the plans were canceled, I got on the car and drove two hours a quarter to Fucking Haifa (sorry for the word) I live in a locality not far from Beit Shemesh. I got on 6 Road and after two hours I was at the property.
Visit the property-
Already on the trip, it was clear to me that I was buying the property, even if the property inside was filled with a pile of bodies and a devil-made casket. I said everything to be solved, And with the devil ... You can always reach a deal** ** Fortunately there were no bodies and no devil.
There was a poorly maintained apartment, but not something that made me shiver with a pony I didn't have.
If my ECG authors would see that I had a pulse of 240 per minute with a serious fear of heart attack, I also think I even saw a blurry of the property, maybe it was because I had no oxygen in my eyes.
I played it from Boas because I bothered to drive two hours and return home for two hours, and threw a price of NIS XNUM in a section of my already bothered and I'm here so come on let's close.
She of course refused but agreed to close in 160,000 NIS - we shook hands.
I convinced her to download the publication from the internet board because it was just me missing someone to come up with a counter offer, to my delight she agreed and did.
The story of the property-
It turns out that the seller is one of 17 heirs, and she handles the sale with her sister. They are aware that the property is not at market price. Their goal is to sell it.
** One's trouble is an opportunity for another-
** It turns out they did not know that together with another 15 heirs inherited an asset.
The property has a distant relative and an elderly, deceased relative, and the apartment stood empty for years. In the meantime, property taxes were accrued on the property and came with arrears, fines, and attachments to several tens of thousands of NIS, the municipality in pursuit of the debt, reached the heirs and came to them demanding - so they received the knowledge that they were the heirs of the property.
Usually news comes in pairs that have the good along with the bad.
The good things were that they inherited a property, the bad they also inherited the debt, they didn't have the time, money and, most importantly, the nerves to clear it, they saw the apartment as narrow and not an opportunity.
It should be understood that they are not investing, but are women of the age of 60 + not in the best financial condition and have received trouble and money.
Contract Signers-
I picked up a phone to an attorney who would be ticking off this deal quickly, because I have to sign before anyone makes an offer or throws some wrong advice to sellers.
Luckily, on the sellers side, the attorney is a relative who handled the deal for free and for her it was a messy bag that fell on her, she didn't have the desire or the patience to deal with it, so it was all lazy - and when that happens ... you start tearing hair and nailing her.
With all the delays there is a contract with two sisters' first signatures, I now lack another 15 heirloom signatures.
The pursuit of heirs-
The heirs were scattered all over the country, with no continuous connection since they are third and second degree relatives and beyond.
I started doing a pedigree of addresses and phones and locating the relevant heirs to the signature.
The ones I managed to locate to some I drove myself and some I sent couriers after a phone call.
Some of them knew and cooperated, others didn't even know it, so imagine, a stranger buying the property explains and tells them the chain of events and why they should sign the apartment, some even wanted to verify my story, and rightly so Phones for relatives, the section that didn't have the phones because they weren't in touch, and I had everything. It comes out that I was dealing with consolidating and merging more family relationships than making a real estate deal.
The heirs in the land were a hassle, But the real problem Waiting for me around the corner or more precisely - across the sea, one of the heirs is 91 and lives in the US. I left it for later and at the same time continued to sign.
At some point I realized I was serious about why I was waiting with the US heir, although I wish her up to 120, but Kibinimt is 91, if she gets on the equipment and decides to go on a date with the Creator I will be in trouble, because I will now have to find some heirs in the US "In one place. It turns out that I am barely short of the US stamp.
US Heiress Stamp
To sign it all I needed was for her to go to the consulate, verify her identity, and then sign the consul to the consul.
But, life is not easy for real estate people. Fate and heiress wanted to live in some town that even the greatest of the country country poets had not heard of and was a long distance from the New York / Washington / Los Angeles Consulate, even if it was close to what it would be for me?
I realized there was an acute problem here and that if it didn't sign, there was no deal.
I left it in two years, I said the solution was coming… .. I was just thinking about letting go because maybe I would come in for a flash on the subject later…. The solution was not late.
Zen Trial: Effortlessly and effortlessly, let things work out for themselves
Listen to this section, this is how it worked out ... Life smiled at me and karma was a backbone to me. In a small talk with a salesman's attorney, she learned that the US heritage is coming to Israel in honor of that year's Seder. That's what I knew, I'm organizing an elite level surgical operation in the army to seal it.
I realized that if I miss this opportunity, then I don't deserve the deal because I'm Hammer.
I was shocked at the goal - I knew that on the Seder I was celebrating with them and signing the deal, I also knew that I would not coordinate with them so they would not evade.
The logic was simple, on Seder I knew where she would be, if I missed him, I should have caught her during skips and visits while she was in Israel and it is already complicated, It is easier to hunt a rabbit sitting than a rabbit he wanted.
I convinced my wife that I was late for Seder, who did not know my Tunisian wife, Seder had a sacred importance that was second only to the Creator of the world. I got organized for Seder, got dressed nicely, made a fine wine bottle, white shirt, contract and a pen pack.
** Why package pens?
** Because I realized that if I got there without a pen, and Murphy's law made them not have a pen at home, then I came out serious. I brought a package so Murphy would not knock me with a broken pen and if he had knocked me in a package, then apparently the deal was not mine.
Seder eve-
On the eve of the holiday, I went to Hadera / Netanya, the truth - I remember where I went from dealing with this deal, the main thing I came to. I arrived at the door and they were already deep into Seder, at the holiday songs and then .... My knock on the door.
There was silence.
The door opened 30 and something people look at me with calf eyes, doubt in doubt in confusion, I think everyone was there in dilemma, is it Elijah the Prophet who came to visit for the Passover or did the UFO just arrive?
I tried to break the ice, I can't remember what I said, I just remember confused, stuttered and in my opinion there was no logic or sequence I understood in my sentences.
The main thing is that in the end she signed
I got a hug and kiss bonus and also a gilte packet on the go…. And a great deal too.
In conclusion:
I learned a lot from this deal-
  • That there is always reality and they will often catch you unprepared, the question of whether you are ready to leave everything and jump on it.
  • That real estate rewards you nicely for the efforts you are willing to invest in the deal.
  • If you do not try - sure not to succeed, if you try then is a chance to succeed.
Is the deal real?
Admitting this sounds like a delusional story, so I enclose the deal's purchase contract.

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