Real estate investment consulting calls

Real estate investment consulting calls

A comprehensive consultation call for your next real estate investment

Hello friends,

As part of forum and community management, we get to talk to quite a few entrepreneurs and hear about the characteristics of most investment areas in the United States.

Also in every interview and meeting with an entrepreneur we learn about the pros and cons of the area in which he invests.

As you know, every investor has a different investment criterion - some are looking for a high return and are willing to take risks, some prefer a lower return but in a safe area where there is no high risk of high volatility, some are looking for a flip, some are looking to invest in multi-family, some want to invest alone, And some want to enter into a syndicated investment with others or an investment with an entrepreneur who puts some of his private money into the transaction and accompanies the investment process from start to finish and sometimes is also willing to be a mentor who actively teaches the investor about each investment in the investment process.

Also, if you are looking for ways to study real estate initially or expand your knowledge, we can recommend you different study paths and explain the difference between them, and the great part is that members of the Real Estate Club and the matter have significant discounts on everything related to real estate. Estate - Significant discount on investment management fees with each of the entrepreneurs who work with us, discounted study programs within the forum, discounts on opening a bank account, opening a company, purchasing renovation equipment, professionals such as lawyers, tax consultants in Israel and the United States, inspectors, insurance companies and more. .

So friends - we will be happy to advise you and build for you the full route to investment.

Choose the type of consultation that suits you and the time you are comfortable in the calendars below.


An hour-long consultation will help you set goals and objectives

One hour consultation on financing for foreign investors with our bankers and brokers team

Counseling about selecting a mentor for a mentormind program or personal counseling

One-on-one and extended personal video consultation with a mentor from the Mentormind program

Consulting to a company or entrepreneur who wants to increase their publicity through the forum

Schedule a podcast interview (subject to initial approval)

In this forum you can consult on any topic in the field of real estate in the US, on topics such as how to open a US bank account, how to open an LLC, what are the recommended areas for investment today, an area where anyone can tell about all the successful transactions he made from A to Z. And also about the nonsense, analysis of specific areas together, a poll about the area that everyone prefers to invest in, recommended sites, the best way to convert funds, etc. We are all looking for investments, and we are sure that 100 brains and surgeons work better than one brain so do not be ashamed to seek the help of experts in the forum. The management of the forum is not responsible for the use of the forum content and does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. The use of the information is the responsibility of the user and the advertiser. By posting information in the forum, you waive any copyright claim and you acknowledge that the forum management may reuse this information in any way that suits you and in any media. Good luck to all of us!

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