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Real Estate Virtual Wholesaling Introduction

Real Estate Virtual Wholesaling Introduction - Yoav Lavee and Haim Mamane. - Post 1

Post Introductions
# Entrepreneur of the Week Haim and Yoav # Post 1
Hello to all members and entrepreneurs of the real estate community and to the matter
We are happy for the opportunity to take part in this amazing community and for the opportunity to put in front of the stage for a week the field to which we share such a great passion - Virtual Wholesaling.
During the week we will try to give you a broader and deeper understanding of the field that has changed our lives for us by sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained so far in our journey as Virtual Wholesalers.
But first, a little about ourselves and what connected us to working together in the field -
I live, after 20 years of living in San Francisco I decided to return to Israel last summer to raise the children in Israel and give them the gift of growing up close to a family in Israel with all the pros and cons. Most people who hear my story tell me “you're crazy, what have you got to look for here” but you can not quantify the value of growing up close to a family and we would not want to live with feelings of remorse and failure if we did not take that step.
I can say with all my heart that without the experience and practice in real estate and virtual wholesaling in particular, I could not have made this life-changing step for my family.
I came abroad 20 years ago as a security guard for Elal and the State Department, and arriving in San Francisco allowed me to study while working as a representative. Then as the JCC of San Francisco Jewish Community Commander. After 13 years of working in the security field, with a master's degree (with which I do nothing) and two children, I came to the conclusion that I could not support a family in San Francisco with the respect and certainly not in the lifestyle I wanted.
I could not progress professionally and financially, I was tired of reporting to the boss, I was tired of having my value and salary determined and I wanted to control my time. I wanted to be a present dad - to take the kids to school, have lunch with them, watch their games, and not spend most of my time at work instead of with my family. I wanted to travel more in the world and gather experiences. And I also wanted to make more money, produce a higher income that would give the ability to live life by the standards I want.
I realized I had to change direction and find a way out of the “rat race” and like many people in the field I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and from here everything changed. I started buying properties and after 4 properties I realized I needed to buy another 30 properties to get where I wanted and be able to leave my workplace. Again I had to change direction, and from here I came to virtual wholesaling - a strategy that can be done from anywhere in the world and generate high income in a relatively short time.
After two years of hard work on September 30, 2015 - my Independence Day - I resigned from the job and set off as a full-time virtual wholesaler. I have since developed a wholesaling operation in various markets, flips in San Francisco, and investor loans as a Private Lender. Shortly after I returned to Israel, I met Yoav and from there things started to roll.
Hi! I'm Yoav, after a 12 year tour abroad working for an American company in the diamond industry - 9 years of them in Africa, and a little more in Europe my wife and three children and I decided to return to Israel. The kids grew up a bit and we had to decide Our child. After some deliberation, we decided to return to Israel, alongside the extended family. We wanted the children to be close to Sabasbata and to have an Israeli childhood.
During all this time abroad real estate investments have always been a big part of my life and in every country I have lived I have always made sure that the money I was able to accumulate would work for us, for my family and for me which was reflected in real estate investments in Africa, Belgium and Israel.

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