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The Puzzle World of real Estate - Entrepreneur Dror Dorinbaum - Post 2

The Puzzle World of real Estate - Entrepreneur Dror Dorinbaum - Post 2

When I was a kid I really liked to hate puzzles. I did not understand the concept and really liked to complain about it. I did not understand and do not understand to this day who is the genius who came and said: We cut it. ”
I'm sure there are a lot of benefits to assembling puzzles for a lot of types of people. The main problem in my eyes at least was:
What achievement can I attribute to myself when I finish assembling this fucking puzzle?
Did I draw the painting? No, it's someone else apparently also unrelated to the one who cut the painting.
Can I assemble a new and unique painting from the parts? No, there is only one way, take the time at the end you will get to it.
Due to the fact that I will put the puzzle together in a shorter time, will I gain any recognition? No, because there is no one to put it together parallel to me right now for measurement.

The first and last puzzle, I assembled, the drawing was great. When I finished I think it was my mother who said “Congratulations !, now put everything back in the box and start over. She may have had to frame it for a 5-year-old who just finished with brain strain fractures, a 1,000-piece puzzle and not collapse in a second any trace of the final product, but that's a discussion for a psychologist and not for this forum.
Want to say, if I want to be successful in what I do, differentiate, give added value to my partners along the way, to my clients, to myself, to create value in something that was previously worthless, so do not put together a puzzle, go fucking draw the drawing. Then you can call yourself an entrepreneur.

Jumping for the year 2008, me and most of my friends, working in rental jobs to bring the 5000 NIS home, I decided we could upgrade the quality of life of all of us without spending more money, and we rented a cool big villa. I figured for all of us that if everyone lived in a two-room apartment or even a room in the central area where we all lived, we would pay a lot more. And so the first partnership was formed with three of my closest friends and a friend who would later become my future wife of course Liron, in a 6 room ground floor villa in a secluded seat in the center.
In light of the success in the venture lol, I was probably inspired and decided to come up with the next thing. Most of my friends were single and most of them rightly lamented about the tough dating world. Around 2009 I came up with the idea of ​​a crazy dating app (surprisingly almost completely similar to Tinder released in 2012 3 years later), the guys flew for it! I built a prototype application for the iPhone through a company, and without being confused, I made the first phone call for the largest Jewish dating company in the world.
They of course did not understand what I wanted because in my innocence I did not agree at all to reveal the purpose of the meeting. A month of phone calls a day to the CEO's secretary, and at the end I silenced them and the long-awaited meeting was scheduled, not before I sent them an NDA (confidentiality) document that I explicitly asked to sign the CEO (lol what innocence).

In the next episode: (teaser)
"Then the seller ordered a police car."

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