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  1. Hi Nadav
    All my assets are duplexes / triplexes / porflexes.
    But I do flips, do not hold ..
    The duplex has risk diversification because you are based on two tenants.
    On the other hand, a very large turnover of tenants ... and in my experience it is difficult to reach a stable situation where both units are rented out over time.
    One should take into account the maintenance that may be double because all home systems are double (livelihoods, hot water, etc.)
    Water charges also apply to you because there is one watch and it is a bit of a headache and extra cost that needs to be taken into consideration.
    I really like the fact that the future buyer is an investor, because if you have Cash Flo you will have a buyer, and that will be a high priced buyer.
    American investors are very fond of this product.
    By the way, there are a lot of Americans who buy a residential duplex and rent out the second unit so your buyer can also be a home owner especially in better areas.
    Good luck ❤️

  2. Additional disadvantages:
    It is more difficult (but possible from experience) to make more creative deals like Land Contract or rent to own on duplex versus single.

    Duplex has an advantage / priority for a door next door compared to a door above a door.

  3. I personally really like duplexes and also own private homes.
    Advantages: As Chaim noted - 2 pay and not one (reduces risk), the expensive infrastructure is common: roof, foundations (compared to a private house, where each house has a roof and foundations) - which reduces the operating cost per unit if repair / replacement is required, fabric ” About% higher yield, super attractive to investors (at least in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) so very easy to sell and there is stiff demand.
    Disadvantages: Higher tenant turnover from a private home, higher purchase cost from a private home (again, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in areas where I invest mostly C, and not in war zones). Lots of success Nadav !!

  4. Pros - Even if one apartment is empty, there is another yielding unit.
    Disadvantages - usually a lower level of tenants and a higher turnover. The pool of buyers on sale will be smaller compared to a private home.
    I personally would buy a duplex only in a highly sought after B + area with a relatively high rent. $ 800 +. In difficult neighborhoods to manage duplexes is a big headache.