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Life's Most Persistent and Urgent Question is What are You Doing for Others - Yinon Kadis - Post 4 - Entrepreneur of the Week

Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others ”*

** Martin Luther King jr. **

During this week's posts, we talked a lot about components that I consider important for success.

Give. Even if it is not always from the soul. This is a critical component.

I will start by telling a story from the age of 13-14 or so.

I remember it was like that yesterday.

Jerusalem Day, youth movements fill the streets of Jerusalem and the Old City, all blue and white and festive.

Sounds of songs and cheers, drums, whistles, flags and lots of pride that fills the heart and the streets of the city, on the way to the Western Wall.

And there, among the alleys of the Old City, a small number of turns before the security post to the entrance to the Western Wall, lies an old woman lying on the floor, with cardboard underneath, and a mug at her feet and a few feet inside.

And I? A young boy who has lost his temper, with pocket money from his parents, finds himself torn between a McDonalds hamburger and a good deed that will fill my soul.

About 100 meters from the holiest place for the Jewish people.

So I did not put everything, let me not be the righteous of the generation, but I put a sum that is definitely not expected from a child who goes out to dance flags at the age of 14.

Of course I did not regret for a moment when I reached the wall.

Can I say I did it out of great ideals ?! No.

But no doubt I felt a sense of exhaustion.

After we finish our role here, and go underground, what will we take with us? Regarding this there are all think and there are so…

But what will be left behind ?! Only the heritage.

The education of the children, the people we influenced, the associations and the graces we did, etc.

Once a week I volunteer for an association, love kindness, and God forbid not for something… I think everyone should take the time to help others, most already do it without noticing, even if it comes from an egoistic place, it will change perception over time.

The hotel definition of the word giving - help and kindness made love and consideration.

Out of not her name, came her name.

Even if it does not come from the heart, it will enter the heart, and will probably bring about change.

In real estate and business it's something that's been leading me since I connected with my great partner Jonathan - he always said 'release information for everyone'

Sometimes I find myself having several-hour sessions when already in the first minutes of the session I feel where the winds are going.

Develops in fluent conversation, develops materials about the business, explains the market, teaches how we do real estate, provides training on risk calculation, presents business plans, sends relevant assets and addresses.

Really, saves nothing, gives me all, and yet when I finish the session I understand a language, a deal, I will not get out.

And yet I say to myself - "Everything is fine, you will only benefit from it."

Reputation / feeling good / self-study / practice, but what is certain for sure, to lose will not be lost.

So in conclusion, there are two types of people: accept, give.

I do not see people falling between the chairs.

And may we forever be on the giving side.

Success for all of us.

And we will end with another quote from the well-known entrepreneur Gem Rohan
## * “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” *

* A world of kindness will be built. *


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