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Hello to all forum members and dear entrepreneurs
I'm glad I was given the opportunity to take part in this venture called Entrepreneur of the Week, thanks to Avi Ben Mordechay for the invitation.
During the week I will try to contribute from my knowledge, experience and way of thinking, when it comes to real estate investments in the US.
So my name is Amir Ben Basset, 31 years old, married to Darelle Leibowitz who is also the best partner I could ask for + 1.
I came to the real estate world in the United States through the sales field. I am a salesman in my essence. I love it, I live it and some claim I'm even good at it.
I started working in one of the largest real estate companies in the country that market investments in the US and on an average working day I talked to about 50 new potential investors. I think the fact that I got to be in the front line in front of all those people, was a great luck for me and one of the most important things that helped me learn, develop and get to where I am today.
I have gotten to know so many types of people and investors, more or less sophisticated and experienced, I have gotten to hear so many important stories, so many things that do work, and especially so many things that do not work.
I understood how the industry works from the inside out, all the tricks and tricks (my oldest), everything we are told and especially everything we are not told.
After a year of helping raise millions of dollars, I decided it was time to embark on a new and independent path. To this day it is not clear to me how and what happened there, but Darrell agreed to do it with me. Within two months we packed the whole house into four suitcases, a dog and a tummy in the third month (hers is not mine) and found ourselves starting to build everything from scratch in Cleveland.
Currently, the main activity of our business is to provide services for precipitation in everything related to the field of CREATIVE FINANCE and to improve performance for existing investments. We work with large marketing companies, entrepreneurs and independent investors, both Israelis and Americans.
During the week I will try to share the insights I gained after a period of almost two years relocation in Cleveland and a lot of mileage in sales.

I will reveal to you the number one reason for the failure of Israeli investments out of thousands of conversations with investors 🤫
We will understand how we can become sophisticated investors to reduce risks and improve performance by recognizing CREATIVE FINANCE methods 🚀
We will talk about sales and 6 psychological triggers for persuasion that anyone can take for themselves tomorrow morning and implement. 🤓
For dessert I will demonstrate how to make each broker work for us and fight for us, even if he represents the other side.🔥

I invite you to ask anything you would like to know about CREATIVE FINANCE / sales or any other topic.
Promises to try to answer everything and everyone in the following posts.


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