Get to know yourself! - Entrepreneur of the Week - Yossi Beit Yosef - Post 1

# Initiated week Yossi Beit Yosef # Post 1
Introductory post - get to know yourself!
"One of the biggest mistakes of real estate investors / entrepreneurs - it's both and both"
Hi friends, my name is Yossi Beit Yosef and some of you have already gotten to know me
My story with the real estate world began at a young age when I accompanied my late father who was 44 years older than me to a meeting with a contractor for the construction of an office building on a plot owned by the family and other partners in a combination deal.
This was my first exposure to the business world and this method of financing, at a later stage when the building was standing, I learned about leases, working with realtors and also about unequal collateral and eviction of non-paying tenants.
Lessons with heartache and financial losses here and there but with a profit worth gold.

“Rich Dad - Poor Dad” - has not yet been written and other books have not arrived in the country let alone social networks! America was considered a rare and expensive place to travel - not to mention business and investment
When I meet people here at the age I was then talking about flips and buying homes in the US - my heart expands!
(How immature I was)

Over the years I have worked in many fields and had various careers outside the real estate world: I was a life insurance agent and lending groups abroad, I was a web designer when the Internet was born in the HTML 4 era and also active in the capital market - where I learned that you can earn when “everyone cries” - “Short on CT Bank share” - for the first time in my life I earned from the bank and not the bank from me and in the end I decided that what I really want to do is real estate
I completed training with a number of leading teachers (who are also practitioners) in the field (we are in touch to this day) and set out - buying - improving and selling properties in the “hardest city in the world” - Tel Aviv, an area I continued in Florida where I currently live.
In Florida I was exposed and met the leading people in their field and I learned unique niches in the real estate field and everything around it until I discovered the field of land and since then I have not looked back!
I remember it like it was yesterday, Sunday (sabbatical in the US) I'm sitting on the porch of the house, the phone rings
"A friend of mine bought land for investment in Florida a few years ago and he's dying to get rid of it - you live in Florida - can you help him sell it?" It was Naomi a friend and investor in her own right who lives in Texas, "Yeah no problem I answered her without thinking twice", "Thank you I give him the phone, we'll talk" she said and hung up.
What I did What for me and the land, what do I understand by that - I did not have time to think too much and the phone rings “Hello my name is Gil, Naomi gave me your phone and said you can sell for me the land I have - how much can I get? ” "Hi Gil give me the address of the country, I will make some inquiries and I will get back to you"
I sipped my cold coffee, it was a little after 12 noon and I ask myself, what did I do what I got into it what me and the lands and more on the west coast of Florida (I live on the east coast)…
My knowledge of the lands was like the distance from Florida to Israel
You will hear the rest of the story when I tell you about flips on the ground and the difference between a flip on the ground and a flip of singles. - I can only tell you that since that day I have not looked at any other type of real estate anymore.
Tomorrow I will review the world of land - land is not just construction and later this week I will talk about investments with a return of 70% and more, flips of land, monthly income from land, land development (and maybe we will also talk about investments in forests if it interests you), in the summary chapter, You in a number of tools and we will talk about the nature of your investor - how to choose your niche in the real estate world?
My Insights to You - Find the one thing that really interests you and focus on it before you move on to the next thing (if any)
Not to be afraid of change - you can go through the unknown because you always discover wonderful things, I have changed several careers in my life and I enjoyed every moment in each of them

Oh and a year ago I bought myself a birthday present - a shirt (pictured)
See you tomorrow

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