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Following to Dad to Becoming an Entrepreneur - Yinon Kadis

#Entrepreneurofthe Week # Post1 Yinon Kadis
Very pleasant friends and young entrepreneurs!
This is my first post in the Entrepreneur of the Week series.
This week I will mainly touch on my personal touches from this world, from constitutive points and situations from the business world to my belief in the Creator of the world and how it affects me in my daily life from end to end.
* Approach the job, and in Gaza we will do and succeed *
Name: Yinon Yaakov Kadis, 26, engaged to Shir (for about a month).
Hobbies: traveling, surfing, succeeding and football.
Education: First year law student.
Residence: Has lived in Hasmoneans almost all my life.
Employment: Currently engaged in real estate in the United States.
To the business world and especially to real estate, I came through the conclusions of my father's life.
Dad, did not have a financially stable family and orphaned from a young age, despite the difficulties, managed to establish a glorious family, and in between even invest in real estate.
Towards the end of high school and after opening up to adult concepts, such as “rat race” and other stylistic expressions, and at the same time rubbing shoulders with the real estate world with my father, I decided to start reading mentoring books and gain a foundation in economics (Fisher, 18). I decided that until the army, whatever it was, I would make sure my fortune (Alak fortune) did not sit quietly, and that was my first lesson.
My first investment - a startup in the field of ecology. From there, a lot of water passed through the river, which I will detail later this week.
⏩ Fast Forward ⏩
Three and a half years later,
After - Army for three years as a fighter in engineering - Yahalam, NCO, commander of a mining unit.
And after the trip: South America half a year and three months in the East.
I returned with a clear goal, to enter the world of real estate!
I started my career as a real estate agent, in a great boutique office called Spritzer Real Estate. After a period of about a year and a half, I decided to change phase and focus specifically on the real estate investment niche after the world of housing developers felt too emotional for me.
At first I was looking for marketing projects in the country, more, but it was still in the field of housing improvers and did not give me peace, I decided to go abroad due to the high and attractive yields.
Following my residence in the Hasmoneans - a national religious settlement with about 50% of its inhabitants new immigrants from the United States and its socio-economic status no less excellent. Through contacts / acquaintances, etc., I was looking for projects for marketing abroad - I was interested in Cyprus, Montenegro, Germany… but all of these were not enough…
One bright day, under a lot of private supervision, came to a gap-closing meeting with my former boss Joel, Jonathan Lakerman.
The two originated in South America, the first from Uruguay and the second from Argentina.
After a meeting between the two and an understanding that Jonathan was doing real estate in the United States, a meeting was scheduled between us and things definitely "made sense."
We have progressed and developed, and for about two years now, and since the first meeting, things have been bearing fruit and the friendships and partnerships are tightening day by day.
Jonathan took me and taught me for a long time what the focus of discourse and regulation is in the US markets, and in that capacity I want to thank Gd and Gonatan for the baptism of fire.
So for a first post summary.
Inon, loves to travel and is crazy about landscapes, loves real estate and investments, is studying law, is engaged to the stunning song, believes in private supervision and is on his way to devouring the whole world!
EE, in the coming week, I will share with you founding moments, especially from the last decade, and points that have shaped me from the first moment I walked through the house my father invested in.
Love you and have a good week 💙💛


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