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Home Sales Surge in Florida as California Markets saw two-digit annual declines in March ...

Home sales surge in Florida as California markets See double-digit annual declines in March Sales and house prices fell year-on-year in San Francisco, San Jose and Orange County as housing activity soared in the metro with lower house prices and the tax burden U.S. house prices hardly changed in March , Ticked down 0.1 percent a year ago, to a median of…

Technique for rental properties - owner financing

Buying homes in the US with the seller's financing as a way to create high returns on capital: The US real estate market is a sophisticated market that has many tools that can be used - tools that are almost non-existent in the Israeli real estate market. The American market allows for tremendous creativity in the field of real estate and one must know how to take advantage of it. One of the best methods for an Israeli investor to start building a portfolio…

Investing in the US through creative financing

I would like to dedicate the following post to anyone for whom investing in real estate in the US seems impossible. (Believe it catches on in the rest of the world too?) Why? Because until recently I was there too. I want to give you some inspiration beyond and show you that anything is possible and you just have to persevere, keep going even if it seems completely impossible just keep going…


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