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  1. For the most part, Section 8 does not just stop payments. If there were some feedbacks that you did not fix in time (and they give enough time), they stop renting.
    It's hard to get that payment back, so it's worth fixing fast.
    You should also check with your management company when the first test was and when the repairs were made. It could be their nonsense.

  2. I can tell you how it goes in Connecticut
    Come for an audit and give feedback and a dead line for correction
    If you fail the second inspection they may delay rent payment but eventually they will complete because most of the "problems" are minor like a broken handle or window that needs light sealing
    Smoke detector beeping or missing

  3. I'm renting a private home in the United States. A few months ago we had a leak in one of the pipes. We were with my wife's mother for two weeks. For those two weeks we did not pay rent because we did not live there. If the tenants could not live in the house it is not possible to expect them to pay rent.