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  1. Opportunities are everywhere.
    You need to see that the place is suitable for investment - positive immigration, etc.
    Check that it is appropriate for the type of investment - flip, rent or commercial.
    Then focus on the micro market you have chosen and study it on its own. Talhoim is in the small details.
    Successfully !!!

  2. Where you will find the best team for you.
    Every state in the US has good assets and some less. The price range is also a consideration.
    In short, you are required to do a little homework, check some leads even here from the group of recommended companies, talk to them and decide what is best for you.
    At the moment, the question is really open and there is no single answer to it, such as which car should I buy the most.

    Good luck! ☺️

  3. I recommend you talk to Meital Avraham from Safe Future.
    World Champion.

    If you did not get to work with Meital, you will work with Safe Future. I have hardly met such reliable guys and professionals in the business world.

    (I do not work there and do not get anything from the response ..)