# Entrepreneur of the Week Post 1 Hello everyone, for those of you who have not yet gotten to know me or heard about me…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Post 1 Hello everyone, for those of you who have not yet gotten to know me or heard about me…

# Initiated week Post 1
Hello everyone,
For those of you who have not yet gotten to know me or heard of me, my name is Omri Beats and I am a founding partner in an accounting firm that specializes in American and Israeli taxation and assists in filing tax returns in Israel and the US for US real estate investors, US citizens and companies.
I have an accountant license in Israel and an EA ("Enrolled Agent", a certificate more or less equivalent to a tax advisor) in the United States.
Our firm represents many clients both before the tax authorities in Israel and before the tax authorities in the USA and this is where our great and significant advantage lies for our clients - we know the tax laws in both countries and provide clients with integrated treatment designed to reduce tax burden in both countries. .
In life outside of work I am married to an amazing and supportive woman named Bethel and a white father and a 4 and 2 year old daughter. During the day I make sure to be very involved in raising the children and not to miss this period, family life.
One of my secrets to this ability to combine these two areas is the ongoing practice of exercise which is in my opinion a critical component in achieving the balance required for a person in life - a healthy mind should live in a healthy body is indeed a cliché, but very true and relevant!
During my adolescence I was a swimmer so it is natural for me to continue in this field during my adulthood, fortunately I swim in the company of amazing people about two / three times a week in the "Maccabi Haifa Masters" group (if you visit Haifa on Monday or Friday put on a bathing suit and jump into the water Say hello 😊).
In the last year I have also decided to incorporate functional training for the purpose of refining and improving my swimming level and I have really been able to progress even further and improve personal records I set at the age of 17! Feels like I'm able to stop time from running out.
For me, consistently maintaining the balance in the family-work-sports triangle is the key to success, satisfaction and happiness in life.
Not just sport is a significant part of the equation, sport is for me a way of life that teaches us to work hard, cope and not shy away from failures along the way and most importantly strive for significant achievements and continuous improvement of ability in the long run.
I would like to thank Nirit and Lior for the invitations and the stage I was given to introduce myself and share the knowledge I have gained over the years as the “Entrepreneur of the Week” of the forum.
The posts I will publish this week deal with one of the topics that interests investors the most (sometimes even it seems to me that before an investor thinks and examines how to find the best deal he is interested in how he pays as little tax profit as possible) and is taxation. I will try to address in the simplest and clearest way questions and concerns about taxation in the US and Israel that have been asked in the past and it seems that the answers to these questions were not always clear and understandable to all investors, I give tips on how to avoid common "tax accidents" Rules regarding tax liability and reporting that apply to real estate investors in the United States.
It is important for me to emphasize that the tax issue is a complex issue that requires high skill and expertise, especially in the case of a foreign investor who is subject to tax in two different countries. I do not intend and cannot of course pass an "accelerated taxation" course during the coming week, but the goal I aspire to this week is to convey to you the main points in simple and clear language so that they will "seep" into each and every one of your consciousness and help you understand what is required of you. Emphasize when preparing the material for the accountant for the annual report.
I sincerely hope you can read, learn and make the most of the coming week.
I'm excited and looking forward to getting started, hope you are too.
In the meantime, I enclose a short sentence written by Alon Ullman that I was very attached to

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