# Entrepreneur of the Week Yossi Beit Yosef # Post 6 Summaries Insights, tools for work and thanks but before that what entrepreneur…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Yossi Beit Yosef # Post 6 Summaries Insights, tools for work and thanks but before that what entrepreneur…

# Initiated week Yossi Beit Yosef # Post 6

Summaries Insights, tools for work and thanks
But before that what kind of entrepreneur am I - so many niches what to choose?

Last week I exposed (as part of the restrictions) the land industry and I guess there are beginner and advanced entrepreneurs here who have not yet found direction or are confused and after this exposure we have become more confused 🙂 - let's try to make an order!

Following the posts during the week, a number of readers contacted me:
"So what's best to do lands or something else?"
"Which is better for me land flips or house flips?"
and so'

There is no better and no less good - everything is good if you know what to do, do, learn and develop.
When you want to choose a domain - the questions that should be are as follows:
What do I know about the field?
Where can I study?
What do the studies involve? (Time and budget)
Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone?

What does engaging in the field require of me? (Daily, weekly and monthly level)
Do I have enough resources?

What are my character traits?
I'm organized and tidy or think it's okay - we'll roll
Am I an executive or a manager?
Am I diligent or lazy?
I know how to grant powers or a lone wolf in the field?
I love humans or no less love humans?
Am I a humble person or a person of a show?
I like action and pressure or prefer a quiet head?

Hope the idea is clear and I explained my intention - let's take for example an entrepreneur who wants to be a flipper of singles
I studied, did a course and I want to get going
To build a renovation team in the US - you need to be there and get to know the people! Work with them and be with them on a daily basis at least nausea - Are you willing to live in the US throughout the project period or are you willing to travel every two weeks or every month to the US? Do you have the budget for it? If the answer is no - consider again - maybe this is not the right entrepreneurship channel for you?
There are those who think not - but most of the developers I know experienced losses because they were not there: in the extreme case the repairman ran away with the money, in other cases he bought materials cheaper than the price he presented to the developer or purchased surplus materials used elsewhere at the developer's expense. knowledge.

Are you ready or can you be on the phones until 3 or 4 in the morning when the whole house is asleep?
And more and more and more….

my recommendation
Take a smooth page and divide it in the middle into two parts by a line and write down on the one hand what is required and on the other hand what I have
Make a separate page for each niche that you find interesting for you
I am sure that such self-reflection will help you choose a direction
Directions can be changed along the way! (I received approval for this from all parties)

Success in whatever you choose!

Summary of the week:
Land has a bearing on all areas of real estate
Good land for entrepreneurship
Good land for equity investments
Land definitely makes monthly payments (a lucrative investment)!
It is easier to inspect land than to inspect built properties.
It is easier to make land transactions remotely.
Persevere and focus on one niche and not jump from talk to talk
Learn and get to know the rules of the place

Tools for work

1. Market selection
1. Population growth http://www.city-data.com
2. Increase in employment https://fred.stlouisfed.org/categories/27281
2. Area selection - scope of activity https://www.zillow.com (Supply and demand)
3. Locating https://www.listsource.com/homepage/index.html - Motivated Sellers

Instruction Why not use basil for compasses? (In houses only - in the land Zilo is pretty safe) https://vimeo.com/272420535/f2bbbcc640

The daily or weekly tip (of your choice) for inspiration and personal inflation (net gift no sale


In order to continue learning about the subject of land and get information on transactions you can join now
To the WhatsApp group (will close at some point) https://chat.whatsapp.com/LmPiSAYHeveICN41FbQYCN
To the telegram group (replaces the WhatsApp group) https://t.me/investinginland
Facebook page (Like is welcome) https://www.facebook.com/yalalands

For those interested in studying in depth and enjoying accompaniment - a course will open soon
Sign up to wait https://yalaland.com/training/
And those who want to talk on the phone - I am available at 054-3080208

And most importantly thank you and thank you !!!
First thanks is to you readers and followers, it is not obvious to take time and respond in posts
So I guess you took the time to listen to me and respond - it does warm the heart and raise energies to keep doing
-Thanks !

Thanks to Avi Ben Mordechai who managed to pump me into this week (I did not respond to this request before - admits by mistake) - Thank you Avi, thanks to the managers and creators of this wonderful group who bring to this platform endless information of dating knowledge and business connections - indeed a very welcome activity - Lior Lustig reads The posts in English in such a way that I'm not sure it's me who wrote them - thanks to Lior and all the other people involved in the craft.

And most importantly health and keep dreaming dare and perform
Huge thanks and Happy Independence Day

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The original responses to the post can be read at the bottom of the current post page on the site or in the link to a post on Facebook and of course you are invited to join the discussion

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  1. Thank you Yossi - I enjoyed reading your posts for trans galactic exposure - an artist who will receive over 10,000 business inquiries and we will succeed in getting a few more members of this great group to become entrepreneurs themselves because that is exactly why we share all the knowledge! Persisting for a whole week in educational posts is not self-evident and only when few are able to meet the task - and you are one of them! You played it! I personally learned a lot about a field that is not discussed enough - a fascinating field. Come on, sell me some piece of land.

  2. Dear Yossi, Thank you very much for your contribution🙏 It is obvious that you have invested a lot in posts and demonstrated professionalism in the field. Highly appreciates your desire and willingness to share significant and valuable knowledge with others.
    Come on, please open the course 🤩 Looking forward to Shabbat Shalom😊