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  1. I will write this for you in simple words: I have lived in Florida for 22 years… Engaged in real estate as a licensed agent in the largest private real estate agency in the US (we are not franchisees) one day and many more years…. Until about 3 months ago I was quite active (even very active) on the page here and a few more pages in style - and I left. I just hung up! I have seen and experienced everything you describe unanimously one by one! If only I could reveal the details of the “real estate victims” in the area I operate here (South Florida) then I would sit down and upload a series of 60 episodes and 4 seasons…. , This site is also full of crooks! I do not understand and I tried, believe me I tried !! Many times I tried !! To understand where all came from: investor advisors, investor advisers, investor supporters, bank account openers..Every seventh Israeli who knows 3 dreamers in aspemia becomes an expert-investor advisor.🙃… .As you do not learn to drive in correspondence or as virtual sex This is big shit - this is not how you do real estate on a remote control. Those who really want to jump into the water buy a plane ticket and come to breathe the air of the place. And here I will stop.

  2. Really do not agree. I have been living in Canada for the past year and a half I have not been in the country and have bought two great properties in great places all through learning from the internet. I'm sure that thanks to my experience I know how to find things that brokers with years of experience do not see.

  3. Welcome to the world of "it will be all right"

    I have been a real estate entrepreneur for over 14 years with a brokerage license in Colorado and see this post Alive on a daily basis and do not understand how people do not check everything you specifically mentioned in such transactions (which I believe are among the biggest transactions in their lives

  4. There is justice in what you say and there is no doubt that there is no one like the locals who know the area in depth, are connected to the community, to future plans as those who live the area, pass on the way to the empty areas and see development signs when picking up children from school, talking to other parents There is no substitute for it, just as there is no substitute for chemistry between people. It all starts and ends with that.

    At the same time, there are also serious Israeli companies, with local partners that do a good job when they are on the line between the countries with an efficient and correct operation.
    When I first started and heard from Israel from afar, even before we moved to the US and by the very nature of being Polish by nature, I also lacked the added value and the local point of view. Even then I was told all sorts:
    "There is nothing to worry about, you are neither the first nor the last. We know and have taken care of a lot already. Some customers have already bought 3-4 units from us, why do you think too much about one unit? ”
    For me these are background noises, I insisted on seeing the area for myself and it was good that way. The responsibility is the buyer's, we often have to make consumer decisions, from shopping at the supermarket, home furniture, etc.
    People are trying to sell and there is no such thing as 100% objective. Everyone is emotionally invested in one way or another.


  5. I'm not looking for information about Amazon warehouses and art museums in Zilo….

    Even new things that are going to be in my city I sometimes find only from the city website or from a local, as well as about the places I invest in the US (with slippers, from the living room)

  6. So right!
    There are so many “armchair marketers” who sell deals to investors when some were not even in the United States 🙊.
    There are those who invest a little more, fly twice a year, get photographed nicely and end up leaving a trail of wounded behind.

    Occasionally you see one or another complaint post about the same marketers but these posts quickly disappear due to threats in lawsuits.

    Unpleasant but that's the situation.

  7. Investing in the US through Israeli companies is a recipe for disaster. This is my personal opinion
    (There is no problem in an American company managing Israelis, but on the condition that the company lives and breathes the market area and does not make discounts on a remote control)

  8. Thank you! Great post!
    You will not believe the ease with which those charlatans take money, people's life savings and act as small businessmen for a few thousand dollars… Madness!