## BSD # Vision and goal setting. # Entrepreneur of the Week Yinon Kadis # Post 4 * "If you do not set"

## BSD # Vision and goal setting. # Entrepreneur of the Week Yinon Kadis # Post 4 * "If you do not set"

## BSD
# Vision and goal setting.

# Initiated week Inon Kadis # Post 4

* "If you do not set goals, you can not regret not reaching them." *

** Yogi berra **

In the last decade all the discourse around this ingredient to success, has given it a bit of a clichéd taste in my eyes.

"It transmits success to the brain," I was told

"The heart reconciles with the matter," others told me

"It's the kind of shortcut to success in all areas."

For a change, I think they'm right, but I'll reserve it and put it in my template.

** We will jump directly into the water. **

Any big move we want to start, if it is not backed up by a juicy cause, we will not find the strength to continue it forever.

Like in the army / war, if there is no ideal that leads you to storm, why risk when you can sit behind a rock ?!

For me the thing that motivates me to get up, every morning, except for the morning prayer, to the same abrasive routine, that if we tell the truth is sometimes very challenging, these are three things:

A. Enjoyment of the process

B. Setting a goal in front of your eyes

third. Evangelism and passion

** The vision, the goal, the goals. **

They are an integral part of the process, in my opinion even the most important part.

How many times have you reached a breaking point and found no reason to continue working?

How many times have you been on the verge of signing an investment and just asked yourself, why?

I have felt this quite a few times - military, alternative investments, relationships, work.

Not for everything I had a strong ideal / set goal

And that put me in the corners in front of the self.

I remember two formative moments.

One moment in the army - a weekend of war, after a very busy and difficult week after more than a month without a home, the same questions arose… Why not just give up and enjoy the comfortable conditions? After a little thought of the "summit of the mountain," the question simply evaporated lightly.

Second moment - the threshold for signing an alternative investment, a startup in the field of ecology.

At the signing ceremony I got cold feet, and said to myself why would you risk such a sum, for an unpopular investment? To me the answer was

"Because I have confidence in the deal, I believe in the product!"

And if I have what I need ?! So why not move towards the goal?

And I went to sign, with fears lol

We are all populated with dreams, but whoever gets up in the morning, and writes down his dreams, is the only one who will remember them in the future.

Everything Else? Will just flow with what comes.

So my tip.

Take a placard, take an erasable board or even a notebook that you open every day.

And write down where you see yourself next. What do you want to achieve and how do you intend to do it.

And at least once a week you will read it, add things, make adjustments, it will put you in the mode of - Dreamers.

And you will find reasons why yours is no less important and will help you move forward step by step, Baby Steps.

This is how long-term goals are achieved.

Love God and you.

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