## BSD # “Integrity” # Entrepreneur of the Week Yinon Kadis # Post 3 *

## BSD # “Integrity” # Entrepreneur of the Week Yinon Kadis # Post 3 *

## BSD
# “Integrity”

# Initiated week Inon Kadis # Post 3

* “Your leve of Integrity… contribute to your success… over the long term” *

Ross Wilson.

Remember I told you about starting my career in real estate, as a real estate agent?

So today I will talk about the reason for switching from an intelligence broker to an investment lender in the United States, and about the honest person who made me believe in humanity again.

So let's jump in time there.

In one of the brokerage deals I did in Modiin, a 4-room apartment for investment, a strange apartment but with potential… I came across a number of scum from the real estate market in the city.

During my first years in employment, I had only heard terrible stories about "weeds" in the field, but I had not personally met such people. Not that I knew…

The apartment, which I had previously visited with another client, when the price was much higher, fell dramatically after several months, and was cut by about 20%.

I, who recognized the potential among the first, and my relationship with the realtor on the other side was great (Galit the Champion 😉) I decided to bring in as soon as possible, another client who will check if the investment is right for him.

After one tour of the property, things started to heat up and I prepared Galit for an upcoming quote.

Galit, who is just a huge heart with a lot of emotion, told me that at the same time there are two realtors who manage to bring in clients, but I get priority from the very priority and the familiarity.

After a few days, another meeting was held at the property and the story had already progressed to negotiations before attorneys closed.

The whole story - a week and a half.

Know what happened at that time?

The landlord received inquiries directly from those realtors (which is illegal and unethical yes ?!).

One - sent him provocative photos of her and asked him to move forward with her and her clients.

Another - called, claiming that he had a client who wanted to buy the apartment immediately, and was willing to pay more, and slander Galit that she was not doing a good job.

And one more - just got home, knocked on the door equipped with stories that do not embarrass Disney legends.

I will note that all of these brokers knew for sure about Galit's exclusivity

The righteous landlord, without batting an eyelid, immediately called his mediator and told her about the matter.

She of course told me.

And I of course was horrified that there were such scum in the local market.

A total dog competition running in a circle.

From there to the conversion, the road was short.

** Long story short **

The deal was signed, the landlord and Galit got what they wanted.

My client won a great apartment at Akbar Price.

The three scum did not get a "good name from a good oil."

And me ?!

I won a nice check and a sweet lesson for life.

'Whatever is yours will reach you. Just keep your values. '

A sentence a friend told me.

In the book of Ecclesiastes it is written - "I returned and saw under the sun, for not to the easy race, nor to the heroes of war, nor ** not to the wise bread **, nor ** not to the wise wealth **…"

Let go that I am a believing person yes ?! And Solomon, the wisest of men, said these things.

It's karma!

Be zero ** (!) ** you will get zero ** (!) ** no zero ** !!! **

No distortions, no wisdom, no lies and no wisdom.

Integrity / Trust / Honesty / Purity

Rather, which are one in my eyes, putting the person on the safe path to success ** in the long run **.

And this is hope you loved. 😚

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