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How can I get credit without credit rating?

Building credit from scratch Question: We came here recently, and we can not get any credit because we do not have a credit history… What do we do? Explains Eyal Tropen NMLS # 874253, Residential Authorized Mortgage Advisor and Agent in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas, and Business Loan Specialist in Dozens More: For many people, building credit from scratch is like the egg and chicken paradox: to…

Line of Credit

Hi everyone. Third round of posts that give you value… 2/3 So today in the post that gives you value we will talk about a line of credit, and in particular about a line of credit in our activity in investment real estate. So a line of credit is actually called in English Line of Credit (LOC) Wait, I know this name when it comes to business activity in the bank, what does it have to do with the real estate investments I make?…