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So how do you really start?

Dear friends, thank you so much for the organization, not obvious!

So here you are sitting in a restaurant… Monday morning, you took time off because walla, you need some air from all the people / phones / emails at work.
Your eyes suck beyond the menu and to your surprise the café is busy!
What is this, everyone took time off just today when I decided to take it?
Is the people of Israel following me?
You're looking left and right again and Hope, it's all full!
It does not make any sense! How many people are on vacation?
Then you start asking yourself questions:
I studied for a degree, took courses and went exactly by the book… What did I do wrong? What am I missing?
I guess most of us had a similar incident.
All of the above was not written to suppress. On the contrary, everything was said to encourage, to understand that we are all human beings and most of us have gone the same route.
Some of us want a taste of freedom, to get to the point where the sky is the limit (and not just in passwords), some of us want to get rich (for one reason or another), some of us want to be our own bosses and the list is still leaning.

We began to realize that what would free us up for financial independence was financial education. Just learn how to conduct yourself financially.
Rich dad, poor dad and his like, workshops and YouTube.
Another book, another forum. Little by little you're cooking with the decision.
If you get to this point (and you have indeed internalized the contents of the books) - take professional guidance.
Someone who was / is there in the same place you are right now and can accompany you in your new way.
What exactly are we saying here?
The beginning is first of all a change in perception in the head.
The mind-set change.
As clichéd as it sounds, it's all in my head.

Bottom line. What do we do? How do you jump in the water?
After we have built the consciousness, we have defined a vision and objectives that need to be set out and realized. There's no turning back, the goals are our commitment to ourselves. Now we have to stop thinking and analyzing, it's time to act !!!
First and foremost the keywords are: long-term commitment.
Long term relationships.
There's been a lot of talk about our generation about long-term commitments.
Today we tend to replace what has broken down and not fix.
No more concessions! There's no more running when it starts to get a little rough!
We put good in our heads that no matter what happens along the way, we're here for the next 10 years!

* We will choose which way of working is right for us - do we want to do it ourselves or do we want to buy a ready-made deal?
If you have decided to do it yourself - the next steps (really, but right in a nutshell):

* Block your time - We will close real estate hours in our diary. These are the hours we will devote to working in our new business (and it's a job, do not be confused).
* We will prepare a work plan for us with strategy and vision and NRSS-and-N-Them on a page.
* Define a work area - it does not really matter where - deals exist everywhere!
* Setting goals - what type of asset do we want? What are our expectations of profits?
* Financing - How do we finance the transaction?

It should be emphasized and said that behind every sentence or paragraph written above stands a whole world.

There are so many options to do every step and there are so many other things that we sure as not wrote. ****

Bottom line: Real estate can not be learned on one foot. You have to devote your full time and seriousness to the subject.

The most important thing we did not record - try to enjoy the road! What's more fun than doing things happily?

Our personal recommendation is to sign up for an escort program. It's worth the time, well worth the money and surely worth saving the nerves and frustration along the way.

"Which is the wisest who learns from every person, who is said to be of all my education teachers."

You are invited to write in the comments how you started.

Good luck champions!

Omer Ben Avraham and Roman Goldenberg


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