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  1. Hi Yossi, In my opinion, there is no website that can do this.
    There is nothing to do, and with how smart and sophisticated the sites are today - there are things that only a human being can analyze.

    For example - is the design up-to-date and innovative, or outdated?
    Is the color of the kitchen cabinets beautiful or shocking?
    And how is the level of finish?
    The backyard is straight or with a large slope?

    Therefore, I refer to the "compass" from the sites as raw material, which I filter based on all sorts of parameters (beyond basic filters such as number of rooms and square foot. Filters such as central sewer / septic tank, central air conditioner / window).

    And then, looking for images on sites. If there are no pictures then prefer not to put in the calculation.

    All this in order to get as high-quality an image as possible, in my opinion, the sites do not have the ability to provide such or a close answer.