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  1. Hi Guy Nizri, as one of the brokers at @Nadlan Capital Group, we are working with investors from Israel as well as from the US, and one of the reasons investors raised partners on a good deal is to come up with enough down payment in order to use leverage of banks / heard money / privet lenders. When you have 2M deal to finance, you need to come up with (let's say) 20-30% down… most of the time this down payment will gathered from joined investments. 🙂

  2. Hi Guy, very nice to meet you שמ, my name is Gil, there is no doubt that you are right that Israeli investors are a headache, (not everyone, God forbid), your very question makes a headache 😊
    I instead of all the developers here who answered you I would offer you Nurofen or Paracetamol against headaches 😎
    Sometimes there is no need to burn precious time on brain confusion in the media…
    Therefore, you have my answer .. Although I have a detailed answer to your question ..
    Hope you get my answer in good spirits and even if not, not bad .. 🙂
    Nice to meet you by the way ..
    Good luck with the excavations…

  3. Guy, it's pretty simple, if you want to be small then don't bring in investors, but if you want to grow and make multiple trades at the same time and increase your capital you have to use other people's money, and as the saying goes 'investors' are another source of money.
    Using investors' money has a cost (interest / profit) like any loan you take out, only there is a limit to the amount of loans and funds that can be obtained and the conditions and still produce a good deal.

  4. I know huge American investors who buy dozens of homes every year, and no one has any investors.
    What's more, in the United States there is a lot of bureaucracy for individuals to start a group for this purpose and to attract investors. It's on the illegal line even.

    Only in the country do they do that, so I asked.

  5. Why do startup entrepreneurs turn to investors to raise money? After all, if the product is so good, there is no problem in obtaining financing.

    From my personal example - I started investing from my own money, I moved to finance from the country (banks, KOPOG, etc.). Now that this is all over, looking for funding abroad as well as investors.

    And I will ask you a question - if you are offered a good deal, then what is the problem?
    Obviously there are a lot of bad deals you get and there are entrepreneurs who try to sell illusions but need to know to filter…

    Your question is not rude at all, it is matter-of-fact and important. Just in my opinion the answer is very simple.

  6. Because an American investor will be involved in the project then you need to put in more money. Most people, especially those who approach you out of nowhere, who offer investment abroad are people who do not have the money to invest themselves. They will not put a dollar against your dollar. They will give their time and location for the money you pay because you are stuck in the country.
    And those who will put dollar against dollar, will still leverage towards them their physical presence in America.
    Ice is not known in Antarctica.

  7. The majority are not looking for investors, before the renovation, but are looking for buyers. After you have completed the expenses for the home renovation.
    Why sell a property to investors and not to Americans with their mortgage seventy thousand dollars spread over thirty years in less than a thousand per month….
    Promising or declaring expectations is just a technique