# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Hello # Post 6 Life with real estate and an open mind for personal and professional changes Wow,…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Hello # Post 6 Life with real estate and an open mind for personal and professional changes Wow,…

# Initiated week Sharon Levy Hello
# Post 6 Living with real estate and an open mind to personal and professional changes

Wow, what a different week it was.
Amazing that with all the stress and strain in real estate.
We know and can direct other things to us.

So first I want to thank my lovely father Avi Ben Mordechay again for the opportunity.
And thank you to everyone who read and also to those who contacted me in peace or in private.

Today we will talk about life as a mother in combination with real estate or vice versa if you will…

In the beginning I lived with pangs of conscience for all the afternoon I was in conversations with the United States and not with the net girls, for the time in the evening that I was not with the beloved….

And it does not matter at all how much we have been together this year. It's kind of such a heavy and burdensome sack that was born with the mothers.

And a few months ago a dear woman woke me up and reminded me of the tribal period.
And why am I telling you this?
Because once I could not make phone calls next to them. I needed privacy, quiet, concentration.
And actually a disconnect from my family….

And it was the opposite of the goal.

and then…
The dear woman reminded me how once upon a time during tribalism the children looked up to their parents and integrated into their lives. The mood was: Welcome to join.
And so after recovery from childbirth. The mother returns to her occupations when she gives birth to her in a carrier, little by little he gains confidence and learns. He watches his family do and penetrates to do as they do.
He integrates into the world of his mother and the world of the family and very quickly becomes one of those who makes and contributes to their home.

Today we are (only me of course…)
Our children are treated like kings. Welcome to the world, whatever you ask, let it be and I will be… (-;.
Our eyes are on them and their needs 24/7.
We are drivers, hosts, cooks, housekeepers, ATMs and what not.

So what between the two worlds, yet we are far from the tribal world.

I'm in favor of combinations.
And so I started slowly.
First by sharing what I do, then by making calls to them.
Put boundaries, Mom here, but now Mom works.
Give them their place while maintaining my place.

And what a wonder.
I was able to remain a total mom but also a total to myself and real estate.

When I saw the good that comes out of integrating motherhood into my work, I allow myself to work comfortably next to them and move from the world of motherhood to the world of real estate back and forth throughout the day.
I know I came to a good place.
A place that allows us all to grow.

And so in real estate, I am constantly learning, in contact with lots of super professional and experienced colleagues.
Opens your head to new things in the field.
Checking where my fashion is now and if it matches the reality of the market.

At the beginning I thought I would do rentals, I fell in love with flips and today my eyes are on new construction.

This stage is the most important formula in my life.
Like risk diversification in investments.

Thank you for being.
it was my pleasure.

In our current flip pics.
Mine and the amazing partner in the field Sharon Gold.
We purchased it from the bank at Short Sale at the end of December.

A magical weekend for all of you.

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