# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Shalom # Post 5 months and a sleepy pension…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Shalom # Post 5 months and a sleepy pension…

# Initiated week Sharon Levy Hello # Post 5
מ י נ ו פים
Drowsy pension or real estate?

Hi, good morning friends.
Today we will talk about leverage from our existing sources.

When was the last time you went to visit Mrs. Pension and her neighbors, the provident funds and the Niminin visiting training fund?

The three of them are old and kind friends who like to nap together for their nap in the sun, on the clouds of our future.

And when it comes to our economic future, no one thinks of a long hibernation.

After all, each of us will want to increase his cake and diversify its flavors.

In a brief check with the pension fund, we will find that it is possible to take a good loan in prime 0.5% -
To 1%

We will wisely invest this loan money in a solid investment of about 8% annual return.

In practice, look at this miracle, we increased our equity without deducting $ 1 from our account.

From now on you are the official owners of a good debt which has been wisely invested out of risk management and transparency.

A good debt is a debt that promotes us and allows us to grow financially and increase our equity and thus take care of our future.
This is a debt that we have invested wisely and in optimal risk management.

Unlike bad debt,
Who comes to cover debts and deficits and does not promote us and it is better for us not to take it, but to change our economic conduct.

Wait, what's the risks?
The main risk is that the investment will not yield the planned results and then we have to pay on the debt from our cash flow.

Therefore, we verify the numbers at the highest level and check in advance.

Leverage can be generated from various sources, from an existing asset, pension, study funds, provident funds, etc.

All this on the condition that the numbers work and make sense.

What good debt do you have?

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