# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Hello # Post 4 Investors Investors, what an amazing topic it is .. I…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Hello # Post 4 Investors Investors, what an amazing topic it is .. I…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Sharon Levy Hello
# Post 4 Investors

Investors, what an amazing topic this is ..

I think this is the issue that bothers entrepreneurs the most at the beginning and many times along the way.

If you are a person of people, it will be easy for you to get into the investor's shoes and give him the exact answer to him.

So how do we find accurate investors for us?

Here, too, there is mindset work.
First believe.
Going out for a day and living the real estate, everyone around him.

Talk about real estate with family, friends, parents after kindergarten when the kids play, neighbor meetings, playground,
Basketball with the company and more and more…
Each according to his world.

Every place is an opportunity to share and tell what we do.

What not to do?
Do not sell directly.

There is a specific deal and it is good.
Stories about the deal !!!

Who are you telling?

Go through our contacts, choose from them according to acquaintances, who will interest him to listen and cooperate כן. Yes intuitions too. And pick up the phone for them.
Tell briefly about the deal and ask if you know anyone who would like to invest.
And that's an important semantics.

Always come out with something in these conversations.
Or he will want to invest in himself.
Or has a friend looking for something to invest in or David…
Or he will tell you no.

Wow, so you get no.
But how much you will get and how many options for new relationships you will get - lots.

The idea is to open, allow…

You have found a good deal, there is an accurate investor.
Now how do you behave properly with the investor?

Simple, as simple as possible.

Reflect risks and do not embellish numbers.

You will always prefer to surprise for better than for worse.

Do not make promises that cannot be kept.

The most important thing is to treat them with due respect.
They bring their money, some have concerns.

It is our job to make every effort to make them feel good about themselves.
After all, they choose us, not really the property.
There is an investor who wants a regular update on the entire transaction process and there is an investor who is only interested in the numbers at the end.
And as long as it is right and appropriate for you there is room for everyone.

So who is your exact investor?
Did you specify it?

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