A peek behind the scenes of the forum

Ahlan, friends
So today we give you a brief peek behind the scenes and why we do not approve any post that goes up for the group but only educational posts

So first thing Happy and kosher Pesach to all forum members and today I want to try to give you a little peek behind our scenes
I'm not sure I'll succeed because of the complexity but before that I'm giving you some introduction about me for those who do not know - my name is Lior Lustig, who has three degrees in computers and business manager technologist, vandalist in Israel and in the last 11 years in the United States

What I want to show you today is actually the exposure that every entrepreneur gets a week with us and in fact every member who posts a study post with us in the forum and why in fact we are forced not to approve every post

We have a complete development team that is responsible for all this advertising, beyond the management and maintenance of our various departments - courses, mentoring, financing, transaction analysis and financing.

1. A group in Hebrew and English and in the different groups for each country
2. The main page
3. The main site and other sub-sites in 12 languages
4. Weekly submission to our mailing list - members who have signed up for study material - everything is free
5. A daily video podcast on YouTube and in the various apps that tells all the forum news to the American audience and English speakers
6. The YouTube channel of the forum:
6. The LinkedIn channel of the forum
7. The Pinterest channel of the forum
8. The Instagram channel of the forum
9. The Twitter channel of the forum
9. The Telegram channel of the forum
10. The Google Business Page of the Forum
11. Real Estate Events Calendar on Site
12. Site discussion groups

Our Entrepreneur of the Week project is free and you can advertise yourself in the sixth post - company name, position, email, website,

So after seeing it all - it's not that we'm not nice that we did not approve your advertising post, just our responsibility is huge - there are thousands of subscribers to the various email and channels and non-educational posts will just make people run away - so it's big -
You are more than welcome to publish educational posts that will be uploaded to the group and revealed in our various media and of course join the entrepreneur project this week where your posts are at the top of the group for a week if a dedicated banner and advertising in the sixth post, and a dedicated expert channel on our site. A new member who signs up for the site automatically joins your community. If you want to integrate the community into the community if the content is paid - we have the Experts Premium project - where you can choose for yourself how much each community member will pay for the consultation in the form of a subscription - starting at $ 1 per week, month or 3 months. your decision.

So come on friends it has been a bit long but we are here for you and for the community - that everyone can learn at their own pace and with a minimum of disruption.

Happy holiday.


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