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# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 2 Why are companies managing this? I know there will be quite a few people going…

# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 2 Why are management companies this 💩? I know there will be quite a few people who are going to get mad at me and that's fine, the purpose of this post is not to make anyone feel comfortable, these are talking about one of the most painful points in real estate investing in the US, certainly when we do it from Israel. It's time to talk about the structural failure that exists between us investors and…


  1. I own properties and I manage properties for investors in South Florida. All tenants without exception are required by me to pay First, last and security deposit. As for the app, if the management company passed it on to you what is important to check is that there are indeed not many collections in the credit report (since you indicate that the credit is around 620). If you understand what a medical bill is, it is not like not paying a credit card. In addition, it is no less important to see that there is no criminal record or eviction.
    Also, as part of the app, they need to show you proof of income. You will see that they do earn enough in relation to the rent you demand for the property.
    You're writing a $ 300 deposit on the dog, you mean Pet fee? If so it's fine. If you are referring to a security deposit, then there is no reason to take less than a month's rent.

  2. I'm in Oklahoma and run 1,300 doors. 620 is exactly where you want them. Not enough to buy on their own, but exactly where they will stay for at least two or three years. Of course it also depends on the property itself, how much it is, and where the location is. But a $ 300 deposit is low. I would not take.

  3. Ask to see the application, go through it and see all the data. Mostly check that they do not have an eviction history, how long they have been in their workplaces and you can also ask the management company to talk to the current landlord. If you are unsure, ask for a double deposit if it is acceptable in Oklahoma.