Course package for companies, entrepreneurs and course marketers at wholesale prices

We launched a campaign for companies, entrepreneurs and marketers of private courses on Black Friday only
Are you looking for a gift to distribute to your investors? Thanks Giving Or for any other holiday or just because they chose to invest with you?
Are you a real estate entrepreneur and some of your investors claim that they do not have enough knowledge and therefore they are afraid to invest with you?
And maybe you are a sophisticated investor who believes that buying cheap and selling expensively is the way to get rich so Gaddy buys a package of course users at the lower price of the year and sells it to forum members during the year at a higher price?
No matter what question you answered yes to, it is not enough that you answered yes to one of these questions - The offer we are going to offer you this month only is just for you!
So if you have potential or existing investors, why not pamper them with an excellent real estate course?
Do not know our course? Plenty of recommendations! To view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L283-JoKPgM...
The benefits of purchasing the package on Black Friday are clear:
  1. No investor of yours will be able to claim afterwards that he invested in ignorance!
  2. Your investors will receive a gift that is "rewarding" useful And no more fancy flower pot or cup set that really has nothing to do with it!
  3. You get the cost of each course at a crazy Wholesale price!
  4. Similar courses are much less comprehensive and without lifelong support are sold in the market at prices of about 7500 NIS!
So guys, November is known in the US as a month of promotions, so this is the best time of year to look for bargains!
So we came out with a package where you pre-purchase access for 10 users to our comprehensive real estate course that teaches real estate investing in the United States, at a crazy price of only $ 120 per student instead of $ 750 - the total cost of the package on Black Friday is $ 1200 instead of $ 1800!

The link to the package on the website:

You are welcome to view the many recommendations and see that this course does not fall short of courses that cost 7500 NIS and more - the course contains 70 videos in 20 different areas
So what do you actually get? You purchase access for 10 students at a wholesale price of $ 1200, which is $ 120 for a course whose list price is $ 750. The price is a special price on Black Friday!
The price is given in packages of only 10 - to divide the access to your customers, you get a coupon that is very similar to the coupon we issued here of blackfriday but will be according to your branding - let's say MosheInvestment2010LTD - And you can distribute this course to your investors.
After the customer enters the coupon code on the course registration page, he will get access to the course for free because you paid in advance for the package - not ingenious?
The price he will see on the product page is $ 750 so he will have no idea how much you actually bought the course for to give him access!

And by the way this is a completely recognizable expense - we are an American company and you get a neat receipt for real estate tutorials - great for offsetting for the end of the year!

So what do really smart entrepreneurs do? Good thing you asked!

Smart entrepreneurs buy a bank of several packages at Black Friday prices to distribute to their customers throughout the year!

The rest of the year the price of the course for the end customer ranges from $ 200 to $ 750 - depending on the various promotions - so the value of each of your "coupons" will automatically earn you a minimum of $ 80 - 66 percent immediate return on the money - not bad!

You can of course also add the coupon to your paid customers as part of the service you offer them -
If you are an accountant, lawyer, etc. and serve clients in the real estate field in the United States - you can offer the course to each of your clients, let's say $ 180 and you will earn the difference! Throughout the year, the course price does not fall below $ 200. On Black Friday where the price to the final consumer is $ 150 for a few days.

So what will your customers get?

Beyond the wonderful and comprehensive sacrifice they will also have lifelong access to the closed support group with mentors Orr Kichin, Yaniv, Lior Lustig
Course page on the website:
The discount code is entered at the bottom of this page: https://www.forumnadlanusa.com/registe…/real-smart-course/

And it does not end here!

Each registrant receives a complete study package because he will receive a study subscription as a gift on our website throughout the period of the victim!

A subscription to Real Smart Studies on a website that includes:

  1. Access to a database of over 500 real estate files - excels, contracts, letters, etc.
    The cost of each such excel individually is at least $ 25.
  2. Access to the real estate encyclopedia on the site with hundreds of entries!
  3. Full access to open and closed discussion groups such as Discussion Investor Discussion Group, Pacific Holdings, Discussion Groups and Upper Country to Top US Countries, Free Advertising Transactions and more
  4. Online calculators - coming soon
  5. Access to all of our lecture databases from conferences that sell for hundreds of dollars.
  6. Access to a panel of real estate expert interviews with leading real estate experts
And more.
And remember - a closed support forum on Facebook for students and alumni for life have we already said?
So smart entrepreneurs do not miss - this is a once-a-year operation
The regular price of the package is $ 1800, reflecting a price of $ 180 per course user
Package purchase page:
On Black Friday alone, 10 smart entrepreneurs will be able to purchase the package for only $ 1200 by using the coupon:
Come on - 10 first winners - did you not get to be among the first?
Sorry but you'll have to wait for the next Black Friday.


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