Recommendation for the MentorMind Program and the Real Estate Course - Aharon Yonatani - Real Estate and Interest - United States Real Estate Forum

Recommendation for the MentorMind Program and the Real Estate Course - Aharon Yonatani - Real Estate and Interest - United States Real Estate Forum

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On our revolutionary plan
We at the United States Real Estate Forum have set ourselves the goal of training successful real estate investors instead of filling classrooms. We therefore decided to build a training program with a focus on providing personal treatment, because only such a program according to all the assessments we conducted, will lead to the success of the participants.

In order to be able to give personal treatment to each learner, we limited the number of participants to only five. Learning is done online and takes place during the week in this intimate group.

A professional and experienced mentor guides the group all the way from the beginning of the study until you reach the goal you have set for yourself. Closing a first transaction of each and every one of the participants in the program. You can choose the right mentor according to your goals and your level of knowledge. Most mentors do not require prior knowledge in the field. Our mentors are experienced enough to accompany even the inexperienced among you, up to locating, analyzing and closing deals. If you already have knowledge in the field, you can choose mentors who specialize in specific topics, for example flips, multi-family, AirBNB, etc.

Throughout the process, you will receive a comprehensive response and assistance, as well as throughout the course of the real estate transaction you make. This purchase plan will move you toward the long-awaited economic freedom.

Added value we examined and found to exist in small learning groups: The small number of people in a group often leads to close friendships and partnerships even after the online meetings are over, which also directly contributes to the business development of each and every one in the field. So your success is guaranteed!

why U.S
Personal treatment - each participant receives attention, answers to questions and guidance according to aspirations
And his needs. No more full classes or anonymous screens.
Professional and experienced mentors - Our team of mentors includes some of the great experts
In the field of American real estate, with experience and knowledge from the field, with proven successes and a patient learning approach
Results in the field - we accompany you through all stages of the process, until the closing of the real estate transaction
Real according to your aspirations. Advice, guidance and tips.
Reasonable and convenient prices, with a fee for the fee.

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Real Estate course for real estate and for that matter:

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