Hello to all the investment guns here who hired and who did not….

Hello to all the investment guns here who hired and who did not….

Hi friends I invest with 2 Partners Noam Nahum Tal Saadon in Cleveland Ohio Owners of 3 ...

Hello to all the investment guns here who hired and who did not.

In the shadow of the plague and the waves of layoffs we keep hearing,
I find myself in quite a few conversations with friends and relatives about the possibility of embarking on an independent journey in the shadow of the corona.

The big problem is that I was almost always self-employed, except for about two years working as a bodyguard after the military, and even that was not exactly a normal job.

So in practice, I do not really have the right to say that I made this transition and it was amazing.

Because for me there was never really any other option

So I'm looking for friends who have done it, meaning they have moved from a full-time hired job to independence and they can not even imagine going back to work for someone…

I'm interested in talking to them
Hopefully they will help me inspire quite a few people who are just looking to embark on a new path.

Feel free to leave me details or contact me in private.

A blessed week to all of us and thanks for the help 🙏🙏

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1 a month ago

happily. There is an advantage in staying an employee, especially in times of uncertainty

Alon Sumagin
Alon Sumagin
1 a month ago

I would love to contribute from my experience in the process

Guy Cohen
Guy Cohen
1 a month ago

With me too

Lior Avital
Lior Avital
1 a month ago

You can talk to me

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