# Entrepreneur of the Week - Post 1 Introductory Post - From Real Estate Entrepreneur MusicianI'm excited to tell you the story ...
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# Initiated week - Post 1

Introductory post - from musician to real estate developer

I'm excited to tell you my story, and share a little bit of the journey I've been through today and give you this week's creative tools and ideas for real estate development.
First I will introduce myself.
In the last 8 years I have made over 200 transactions, I have set up mutual funds that I manage to date,
I started my own real estate company,
I've done many single family deals (private homes), multifamily (buildings), improvement and sales deals (flips) as well as two Brooklyn construction projects and even one building in Barcelona.
My name is Jonathan Lifshitz, 33, a professional drummer living in Tel Aviv, I grew up in Nofit (a stunning settlement in the north), married.
At the age of 9, I was holding drumsticks for the first time, and from that moment the drumming became everything I knew, loved and did. Realizing that I was serious, my parents supported 200% - Dad upholstered the holiday and turned it into a drum room.
I studied music, listened to jazz, practiced for hours every day, performed at every opportunity and accepted into the IDF as an outstanding musician.
I was in a military band for 3 years and performed in front of thousands of soldiers and officers every day.
Already in the army I moved to Tel Aviv and we were allowed to work in parallel with the military service. After one study shift at a cafe where I arranged sugar packs for two hours, I realized two things:
  1. It was important for me to engage and develop my passion - music. I saw in my livelihood only an ancillary product, and to employ my life in pursuit of money would not lead to satisfaction. I never saw myself working for just making a living, probably not something I didn't like.
  2. I had one dream - to study in New York and develop as a musician there.
After the military, I started performing with well-known artists and bands in Israel and even appeared on TV shows as a drummer. I taught drums, studied music at Rimon School, and realized that in order to become a major league drummer, I had to be in the big arena - New York.
My dream came true, but under different circumstances than I expected. Circumstances that would change my whole world.
Saturday morning in the summer of 2011, shortly before my trip to New York, I answer the phone from my older brother who tried to get me several times. From the other side, he told me
That Dad died suddenly.
Shabbat routine routine with my mother and other friends, suffered a cardiac arrest at age 59.
The steady ground on which I was walking was falling apart in an instant.
I had to postpone my trip to New York,
My brother and I were left to be with Mom to fill each other with the huge gap that opened up.
Despite the pain, Mom remained strong, and her strength held us all.
I realized that my father didn't want me to give up on the dream, and after a few months I decided to board a plane to New York with a few savings and lots of ambitions.
In New York, I had an amazing time, and I went through crazy experiences, and my life-style has changed -
Walking around the big city among the vast buildings, the vast abundance of the freedom city, where everything is allowed and boundless to dreams, I began to think about the future and how people come to such an amount of wealth so that the world is on their hands, such an amount of wealth that allows them to live in expensive penthouses. How can this ever be done? What do they know I'm not?
I felt that some people were playing the money game differently, and the rest was just like little ants carrying all the burden and hardship on their backs and in a never ending race to close the month.
In the meantime, I had fun, lived the freedom, learned and played until my savings began to run out and I returned to the country.
So what the hell is a young musician and real estate?
This time in New York moved my head and I began to research and be interested in money, financial freedom, taking responsibility for my future. I read Kiyosaki's "Retire Young Retire" book - a book that the New York pigeon wouldn't even dare to open. The world of money and stuff didn't particularly interest me before…
But something changed, I was exposed to new knowledge that changed my worldview.
Fascinating content on personal and business development attracted me - dozens of books, lectures and courses I began to consume,
I wanted to find a way that would allow me a stable economic future and not just rely on music as a source of living all my life.
The real estate field began to catch my attention and stir my mind, including how to help my mom invest some of her money in a smart way that would allow her to land.
The mental loophole that I can loosen from the loop of a musician with a low glass ceiling brought me a new drive.
In the following posts I'll share with you my first deal in 2012 with no equity,
About how I flew alone at the age of 25 to the other end of the world to buy ten properties without equity,
How I overcame difficulties and failures,
How did I learn to take responsibility and not blame the world,
How did I profit from transactions, and how did I lose ...
And loads of insights, ideas, tips and tools for a beginner and advanced entrepreneur.
See you tomorrow…

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Nirit Goldman
Nirit Goldman
2 months ago


Kfir Coral
Kfir Coral
2 months ago

Dear Jonathan! There is no one who does not have highs and lows in his life. Few people are able to share moments of crisis and depression with strangers. It indicates a lot of great features and I really appreciate it. I was excited to read your words.
rise and succeed!!!

Gilad Ayalon
Gilad Ayalon
2 months ago

Interesting, good luck!

Shmulik Fireman
Shmulik Fireman
2 months ago

Waiting for more… 🙂

Ofer Moshkovitz
Ofer Moshkovitz
2 months ago

Massive action

Bat-El Avni-levi
Bat-El Avni-levi
2 months ago

How exciting, what a world champion!

Orit Nachtomi Gordon
Orit Nachtomi Gordon
2 months ago

Knows part of the story, and yet curious to come

Omer Ben Avraham
Omer Ben Avraham
2 months ago

Interesting 🔝🔝🔝

Eran Levy
Eran Levy
2 months ago

Champion!! 💪💪
Bar Porat

Nadav Ben Baruch
Nadav Ben Baruch
2 months ago

Benor Biton

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