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I've already told you about myself that I adhere to trial and error, so this time I'll dedicate this post to share with you the most important tips for the winning host, who I needed after quite a few years in the field.
1. Put yourself in the guest's hat - Think what you would like to have in the property if you came to stay there. From the obvious to the small that makes the big difference. I even recommend sleeping overnight in the apartment or letting someone close to sleep in - you will be surprised to find out some things you forgot and you might discover glitches that you were unaware of.
2. God (and good criticism) is in the small details - Equip the apartment with facilities that don't necessarily cost much, but give a lot. For example - a bottle of cold water in the fridge, a multi-line, something nice to read, a local sim, a coffee machine… All of these will significantly upgrade the hospitality experience you provide. Be creative - I guarantee that it will pay off in the positive reviews, which will of course bring more and more invitations…
3. Say cheese- Quality and professional photos, which reflect honestly and genuinely the property, and showcase everything you offer as part of your stay - will increase the amount of bookings and subsequently ensure guest satisfaction and bring positive review. Friends, invest in B'Tselem! Smartphone pictures are not enough, no matter how many champions you edit and filter ... Invite a professional photographer. Airbnb is funding a photographer who comes up to you for half the cost of a professional photographer who will invite you privately, and I'll reveal secret properties here with photos taken by Airbnb photographers more promoted by the algorithm.
4. Gold list of gold hands- Faulty happenings - whether it's a broken device, a locked pad, ants that decided to visit - no surprises 😉 That is why it is very important to build a safety net around you that consists of professionals available to you at any given moment so that you can provide real-time response to your guests. Guests also understand that malfunctions happen, but the sooner we take care of them, the less likely their experience will be.
5. automation! - The hottest term in the hotel world today is "guest's journey" - the journey the guest goes from the moment they are exposed to your property to the moment they left a post-stay review. The ambition is to accompany him as many points as possible on the journey to make sure he stays with us and leaves satisfied. When there is one property it is relatively simple. But what happens when you manage some assets? Automated systems significantly improve customer communication, shorten processes and save time. It's a great way to be with the guest without really being with him, and still make him feel like you're there for everything. Another advantage of automated systems is the possibility to increase revenue through the sale of related services (e.g. airport and back transportation, late check-out and more)
Example of a system I work with: www.WishBox.co (Convenient, efficient and even blue-and-white!)
6. Availability is the name of the game- It's no secret that there is competition in the market, and if you are not quick enough in your response to the visitor who is approaching you, he may invite another place. Availability also plays an important role in interacting with the guest during their stay - the faster you respond, the more positive the criticism you receive after your stay. Availability increases the guest's confidence in you and lets him believe you are there for him.
I can attest that since applying these golden rules I have been keeping the Superhost on Airbnb, which gives me all sorts of benefits on the platform, such as more visibility from "regular" hosts. Beyond that, there are also benefits to the ego of course 😊 It's a kind of pat on the back from the guests who confirm that I'm doing a good job for them.
I'll delay the criteria for getting the Superhost status so you know what it takes:
Grade 4.8 or higher - Airbnb has an impressive rating mechanism: Once the stay is over, both parties (the guest and the host) have the opportunity to rate each other. Only when they both rank can you see the criticism left by the other side. Improving these reviews gives the overall score between 1-5. The more you apply my tips, the higher you will get… 😉
0 cancellations from the host - If you canceled a guest booking without Airbnb justification, your right to receive a Superhost status for one year is revoked…
90% or higher availability - From the moment you receive any (potential / existing) guest request, you have a window of opportunity of up to 24 hours to respond. Airbnb's algorithm analyzes and ranks hosts according to their availability. In terms of the platform, an unavailable host is a host that probably won't convert a potential guest to the invitee and so its ranking has dropped.
In summary, it's worth being a Superhost and whoever really invests - deserves it and maintains the status (Airbnb updates the host's assessment every 3 months). In this link you can read about all the benefits that come alongside the coveted status:
In short, being a host is hard work but very rewarding! Secretary - If you do it right you can earn 3x and 2x net from long-term rentals 😊
I am of course available if you have any questions about the post.
Waiting for you here tomorrow, and this time with the inevitable theme - Corona! The tourism industry is facing a serious crisis - how can short-term hosts cope? We'll talk about it tomorrow…
In the meantime, just health for all of us!

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