Housing: Reno named one of the 15 hottest real estate markets for the next decade
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Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you an article about Reno Nevada, the city entered the list of the 15 hottest "real estate" cities mainly because of employers moving to the area in recent years, low taxation, proximity to California (around 8 miles from the border), proximity to Lake Tahoe, a larger university, etc. . A bit about myself, I've been living in the United States since 2011, we moved to my husband's postdoc and decided to stay in favor of a job offer he received (chemistry professor). I also worked at the university for a few years until I decided to move into the real estate field that has really developed here in recent years. Just for example, the value of the house we bought at the end of 2014 increased significantly (around 30% according to current valuations). I have partnered with many years of experience in the area and we would love to help and respond to investors interested in Nevada. Thank you all for the information you provide,
I learn a lot from this forum!

Housing: Reno named one of the 15 hottest real estate markets for the next decade

Business Insider picks Reno as one of the 15 hottest real estate markets in the nation for the next 10 years.

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Real estate is always good business for any newbie too. We provide all kinds of houses in Arizona. These will fit easily into one pocket.

Dror Angel
Dror Angel

Reno is a tax haven, so companies open branches there. As much as I love Lake Tahoe, that's not really what will make Reno an attractive place

Sheryl Sitman
Sheryl Sitman

thanks for sharing! The question is what does this mean hot market for the investor? If the city is already on the list then it's too late? (I really don't think so, but depends on many things of course). Do you have a property in the city on the list, so sell now Also depends. In Philadelphia we have neighborhoods that are so hot they are untouchable. Neighborhoods that are on their way to being too hot. And neighborhoods that are starting transition. And of course neighborhoods that may not change any time in the near future. Wonder if each city in the list has a similar situation?

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