# This Week's Entrepreneur Post 5 How An Investor Who Acquired Or Who Wants To Buy A Property For Flip Or Rent Can Earn…

# This Week's Entrepreneur Post 5 How An Investor Who Acquired Or Who Wants To Buy A Property For Flip Or Rent Can Earn…

# Entrepreneur of the Week Post 5 How an investor who has purchased or wants to buy a flip or rentable property can earn ...
#entrepreneur This week post 5
How can an investor who has purchased or wants to buy a flip or rent asset can earn more?
Note: The reference is to slow and hot markets like Long Island, New York for example.
What happens in the traditional approach to an investor who has bought a property and wants to sell?
In this post-improvement approach, the next step will be to sell or rent,
The investor turns to a realtor who is trying to sell the property to a certified mortgage lender
At market price, what happens after about two weeks if there are no inquiries?
The same passionate realtor who represents the investor will turn his skin and instead of being creative in marketing and recruiting buyers
His sales work will be with the investor to tell him very sensible stories why the price should be lowered
And if, after the download, not enough new story inquiries will pop up, in terms of the broker, that is the net price
There are not enough inquiries lowering the price anymore until no matter what the investor's comps say.
And when the prospective buyer is found he will come armed with his own broker and send an inspector to get a status report
The house so far is all clear, but what is actually happening?
The same inspector of the buyer who gets paid there in his eyes a magnifying glass and in the same house that the investor renovated the dedication will find many other defects
How could this be?
It turns out that it might be all about resolution, even if the investor took a supervisor to supervise
On his renovations, new defects will still be found by the Buyer Inspector, so the investor will find himself
Lowering the price again.
If you insist too long on the "right according to the comps" price and take 4-6 months, Elmet will enter
New and this is human psychology, the buyer broker will tell the broker of the home investor is not sold for too long
There is probably a problem, so the new offers to buy will be even lower.
Do you still think the investor will get the market price?
In many cases, it ends with a price reduction of 25-30%,
And beyond that the number of properties not sold through brokers is 37% Expired Listing!
And if you've arrived in the winter, chances are you'll have to wait until March.
What happens in the alternative approach to an investor who has bought a property and wants to sell?
And before we start,
The thing is, you simply need cash and a quick sale of a home
Will not get the market price he has from the realtors, but only on paper!
Profit could certainly be if there was a large enough margin to buy.
If the investor sells the property in Lease Upsin, that means he will receive a monthly amount close to the monthly rent.
(These are interest-bearing payments and no rent) and up to 3 years will receive the balance of the payment in one amount
At full market value!
For example, if I bought you a homeowner in Bliss Upsin, then you don't have to be a landlord, up to $ 700
For the liability event on me and beyond, you are the responsible investor (since you are still the owner and a loyal attorney) so that all current repair matters are neutralized except for large cases only.
You are the investor not responsible if my tenant pays me rent or stopped paying rent, if need be
Contact a tenant and if the house has not yet been relocated and there is no income, you investor can continue to receive "rent" from me on a regular basis, you do not care what happens to the tenant I brought into the house.
And in exchange for up to 3 years you will receive Full market price!
Am I sure I will buy from you the investor at the end of the period?
No, this is an option, but you are the investor making a profit anyway! How is that possible?
You have received a monthly rent payment for the entire period so you are not at a loss and beyond
Your pre-tax monthly payment is much larger now because you are not responsible
To the current repairs, not to evict a non-paying tenant, free of charge to a lawyer, free of charge to a realtor,
Free to Manager Properties, no revenue loss when the property is not re-leased all at my risk level.
In addition, in the meantime, you are enjoying a rising market price and home value is expected to rise.
Other benefits exist in the form of the tenant I bring in to Brent Toon, a tenant who enters
The house at the top is his future home and is therefore expected to keep him better than a regular tenant.
And above all, he'll do whatever it takes to deal with a mortgage broker I attach
In order to save expenses what is expected to raise the rating to the minimum required to obtain the mortgage
And the last thing my tenant wants is to lose the option fee he paid and therefore his chances of purchase
At the end of a high 3 years and in the "worst case" case, the investor earned much more in the pocket level
Monthly and of course a quiet head because there is no need to be a landlord with all the risks.
The actual purchase is made at the same time through the Teitel company, which is Investor Friendly
As with a regular closing, ownership will pass from you the property owner to me and me to the tenant
You are the investor receiving the market price at this time.
If you are an investor enjoying a profit, when you get the market price at once every 3 years
I can help you find a new property this time only with cosmetic renovation and then again you can get paid monthly
Like a rental in front of me, only this time you got the full market price without discounts and so the next property can only be with cosmetic renovation.
Everything is done without the investor's fees all the way through.
How can an investor who wants to buy a property for Flip leverage his money and buy more assets?
An investor who wants to purchase a property pays cash for it.
For example, if an investor wants to buy a property at 50k
Will also need all the renovation and all the surrounding costs.
On the other hand, an investor who buys a Brent Tu property, for example, will only pay
5% of the cost of the house, will pay monthly rent and up to a year can renovate and sell
This way according to the example and using 1 year property and 1k rental
Our investor will invest 12k in annual rent and another 2.5k option fee and a total of 14.5k
Compared to the 50k that had to be paid in the traditional way to the cash owner.
What happens if the flip lengthens beyond a year or shortens for at least a year?
Less than a year the option fee and rent are paid exactly according to the number of months the investor used the asset
For renovation and sale.
Beyond the year, option fees are paid again for another year and monthly payment according to the number of months the investor
Use the property for renovation and sale.
At the bottom of the post I included a glimpse into our system of leads, inquiries to Rent To On, inquiries from property owners to sell.
And tenants' answers turn to Rent Too On for a question I asked them:
What Is Your Main Motivation For Looking For A Rent-To-Own Home?
Any investor who feels ready to move from the traditional approach to the creative approach or try this approach in addition to the traditional is welcome to sign up at the link below,
And get into the first circle that gets notified of every new deal off the market in real time.
Cash Buyer Please note this in the comments.
The Buyer Marketing Website is dedicated to Rent Tenants, so it is possible to ignore the recording of the announcer explaining to tenants what the method is and simply fill in the details and use the details will be done for that matter only.
For those who have a vacant and residential property and would like to sell on the basis of lease options, please register at the link below
And receive a purchase offer. Not just in Ohio.
The Seller Marketing Website is dedicated to Lease Offsin sellers, so it is possible to ignore the recording of the announcer explaining to property owners what the method is and simply fill in the details and use the details will be done for that matter only.

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