# Entrepreneur of the Week * Post 2 - The journey continues so sell the house in the country and start using the money ...

# Entrepreneur of the Week * Post 2 - The journey continues so sell the house in the country and start using the money ...

Then the bank asks: "What is the purpose of the loan?" What's your excuse?
* Post 2 - The journey continues
So sell the house in the country and start using the money to buy apartments in Atlanta ...
I connect with a local agent to help me with the purchases and take care of my interests with the sellers, that agent is a dear friend to this day even though we are currently competing .. Good industry relationships and collaborations with other agents are a key part of my business every day.
I leverage the purchases, where 20 percent on each home I buy and 80 percent leverage (mortgage), builds a return on excel and does not give up putting my transaction on my yield and comparing the transaction to the previous transactions, I will share the excel later in the last post which will include useful tools To the investor.
Just what? After three or four transactions the money starts to run out…
Once I realized the power of CASHFLOW I had no intention of stopping…
I look for new directions, find that the first house I bought has already cost over $ 20, and can be done CASH OUT REFINANCE, a process that comes to estimate home value and gives me the difference between the mortgage balance and 80 percent of the home value, I spend $ 20 in tax exemptions ( On paper I didn't make any profits, I only took a loan) and continue to invest. After a few months repeats the process with another house .. This gift continues to give.
I am not satisfied with this and also connect with other investors for joint investment in SINGLE FAMILIES, half a house better than a house at all…
The whole process takes something like three years and in the end I have enough CASH FLOW monthly to brave and turn the hobby into a profession .. I quit my high-tech job and do a real estate agent certification .. Get started!
I am a freelancer working for myself full time as a real estate agent and investor! The dream comes true…

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