So why Jacksonville, North Florida?

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I have a dream - Real Estate Forum USA: I'm happy to join you today, ...

I Have a Dream - US Real Estate Forum Version: I'm happy to be joining you today, in what will be recorded in the words of the days as we magnified the revelation. A year and a half ago, a great American (former Israeli), whose shadow is currently sheltered, signed the Sparrow Word. This thing is a beacon of hope for millions of dwarves, economic slaves who have been burned at the stake.

You consult and maybe someone can point to the right place. Dismantling partnership and moving to LLC with one owner ...

Consult and maybe someone will be able to point you in the right direction. Dissolution of partnership and transfer to LLC with one owner in Ohio. What do you do in terms of: 1. Secretary of State 2. IRS The owner who remains in the company lives in Israel, without ITIN still the owner who leaves the US resident with SSN