# Entrepreneur of the Week * Post 1 - Introducing my name to Nadav, married to my amazing wife, and father of three children Maxi…

# Entrepreneur of the Week * Post 1 - Introducing my name to Nadav, married to my amazing wife, and father of three children Maxi…

# Entrepreneur of the Week * Post 1 - Introducing my name to Nadav, married to my amazing wife's wife, and the father of three ...
* Post 1 - Introductory
My name is Nadav, married to my amazing wife's wife, and the father of three adorable children (two sons and a daughter)
A former high-tech man who decided to convert after the age of 40 to real estate, before transferring I managed customer service teams at a software company, at the peak I ran a support division of 120 technical support people, I enjoyed every minute.
How did I get to America?
I came to Dayton Ohio in 2013 to run a large Israeli company support team with overseas branches, I hadn't even thought about real estate yet, but slowly I started researching the field.
One day I was informed that I needed to go to Atlanta to take on another support team .. I got on a plane and after one visit I realized that Atlanta was the right place for me regardless of what I wanted to do in the future. I applied for and got permission to move to Atlanta.
How did I get to real estate?
During a week-long bicycle trip, where I had a lot of time to think, I decided to start investing in real estate while working in high-tech. I returned from the trip and immediately started looking for SINGLE FAMILY investment properties.
First transaction:
I buy from a private seller, a nice Jew, without a realtor, a $ 100 property .. Everything gets complicated .. I didn't know what it was, and I didn't do any home inspection, I didn't know what it was APPRAISAL CONTINGENCY and the appraiser estimated 10 less than the purchase price, because I have no protection, I am forced to bring another $ 10 into a deal .. Rents that do not pay on time ... Non-stop water liquidity, and a complete roof that needs replacement ...
I'm almost discouraged ..
Forcing myself to hear BIGGERPOCKETS PODCAST every week to stay motivated, and succeeding within two months of stabilizing home infrastructure and putting in high-quality renters who pay on time, and suddenly begin to see the fruits of investment .. CASH FLOW !!!
Every month I pay $ 700 mortgage including insurance and taxes and someone pays me $ 1200 !! What needs more ??
Decides to sell the house in Israel, and use the money to repeat the process over and over ...
What am I doing today?
Accompanied by investors looking to buy investment properties in Atlanta. Accompanied by them as an agent, but throughout my investment life, I have a 24X7 support center for my investors.
In the next post - how do I run out of money after three deals ?? The gift that gives and gives…
In pictures - me and the family and the first asset!

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Elias Azulay
Elias Azulay
9 months ago

Welcome Nadav. Kadima will beat us in real estate theory. The next post is one of the links I miss in the investment process. Waiting for the next post. Thanks

Eran Pasternak
Eran Pasternak
9 months ago

Well done Nadav !!

Daniel Schnaider
Daniel Schnaider
9 months ago

Hi Nadav, I wrote to you in private

In this forum you can consult on any topic in the field of real estate in the US, on topics such as how to open a US bank account, how to open an LLC, what are the recommended areas for investment today, an area where anyone can tell about all the successful transactions he made from A to Z. And also about the nonsense, analysis of specific areas together, a poll about the area that everyone prefers to invest in, recommended sites, the best way to convert funds, etc. We are all looking for investments, and we are sure that 100 brains and surgeons work better than one brain so do not be ashamed to seek the help of experts in the forum. The management of the forum is not responsible for the use of the forum content and does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. The use of the information is the responsibility of the user and the advertiser. By posting information in the forum, you waive any copyright claim and you acknowledge that the forum management may reuse this information in any way that suits you and in any media. Good luck to all of us!

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